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chucky rulez thats all i drew this one last night i only got a full 20 minutes of sleep

Head Design came from : [link]

Ty :iconreapingdarkside: for finding the link, i've been looking for it for a long time.
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Thank You, I've been looking for that link for a long time, been meaning to find the place were I got the head design from. Thanks for the help mate.
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Chucky's my homeboy lol, great job. :)
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THat is awsome! the chuck RULES!!!!
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Great drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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hehe... you make chucky look cuter than he actually is!
For sum reason, i think him and Regan from The Exorcist would make a cute couple....
I'm being her for Halloween and my brother is being Chucky!
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You made him look cute. I'm impressed. :love:

Normally, I'm not a big fan of Chuck since A. He's a DOLL B. He's 10 inches tall and C. Likes to pull everybody's leg, even if it's a good thing ( why am I complaining, I like a bit of comedic killing). But this picture Rox!
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Hey do you have a myspace?
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Sorry, I don't. I have a Youtube account, though.
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Wow. Great work :heart:
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For shcool there was this halloween drawing compition at ym school and i got picked to be in it and it got sent to the art center! :) I drew chucky MUAHAHAH I soo evil
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so what are you up to?
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