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Yes, it's me up there on stage.

What I meant to say (but my nerves mangled it a bit): tsun tivok oe ayngahu Supanovati a fì'u prrte' le oeru nìtxan. Eywa ayngahu.
I was planning to do a whole skit with video about being a member of the Avatar program assigned by Dr. Augustine to teach the audience (as fellow RDA employees) to recognize a few important Na'vi phrases like 'rä'ä ska'änga fayut!' and 'pxiset zene hivum nga' in order to avoid any incidents. Chronologically this would have taken place shortly before the death of Sylwanin. In the end the costume took so long I didn't have time to work on it. I would have put in an out of character bit about the plight of the Xingu river people as well. Ah well, maybe next time...
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