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Gaza Rebuilding

By eyadz
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What is hamas realy building??? terror tunnels  and rocket launchers. the people of gaza are being crushed by hamas and not israel. we could all live in peace tomorrow if hamas but lays down his guns. but i dont think he whants that. you see, i'm not so blind as you think i am . i know you want me dead and probobly hate my guts. you look at my country and your envy is killing you. but you will never addmit it. and another thing. islam is tanking over europe tell me, is london, paris, stokholem and berlin your land as well?!!! personally i pitty those european fools. they dont know you as me!!! 

Dont bother to reply.. i already know your answer.
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بتوفيق ان شاء اللا .. وتصميم رائع 
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change avatars for gaza.
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Oh it's awesome!
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تصميم جميل جدا
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Greetings to imam khamenei
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masya Allah so great artistic of work. salaam for our brothers and sister in Gaza. love your work...
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good work
nice concept
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ابدعات عن صدق
بارك الله فيك
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stunning work!! And if the international community started getting involved like they do everywhere else on the planet hopefully they will soon. Makes me feel ashamed of being British sometimes.

Cracking work ;)
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ماشاء الله
عمل في منتهى الروعة
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Looks wicked mate.
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I loved this work when you are working .. I was sure that the excellent work ..
freedom Gaza
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