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TUTORIAL: Avoid muddy paintings [Trad+digital]. by Eya666 TUTORIAL: Avoid muddy paintings [Trad+digital]. :iconeya666:Eya666 3 0 I drew my best-friend in 6 different art-styles. by Eya666 I drew my best-friend in 6 different art-styles. :iconeya666:Eya666 0 0 Autoportrait. by Eya666 Autoportrait. :iconeya666:Eya666 2 2 I want to believe in the TARDIS. by Eya666 I want to believe in the TARDIS. :iconeya666:Eya666 6 4 Goddess of Knowledge and link. by Eya666 Goddess of Knowledge and link. :iconeya666:Eya666 0 0 Dobby (Harry Potter fan art) by Eya666 Dobby (Harry Potter fan art) :iconeya666:Eya666 0 0


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TUTORIAL: Avoid muddy paintings [Trad+digital].
Your paintings look muddy? Here are common mistakes that you could be making that are causing that problem.

1) NOT CHANGING THE HUE WHEN YOU SHADE AND HIGHLIGHT. This is an easy way to make your painting look muddy. A quick fix for this is changing the hue as you go. But this cannot be random. The hue of the highlight and the hue of the shadow must go in opposite directions from your base colour.y You can see in the example, in the heart shaped bush I went with warm lights, so my shadows went to the opposite direction of the color wheel torwards colors. In the nest shaped bush, I chose a warm green as my shadow so I went with a cool blue highlight. This is game changing. It would make your illustrations have more dimension. If you are working with traditional supplies, the same rules apply, also try changing the brush or cleaning it properly before shading and highlighting.

2) OVERBLENDING/USING AIRBRUSHES. Airbrushes are cool. They have their purpose. But they are very bad for things like showing form. Shading with the airbrush will make your work lose its edges and everything would looks so overblended. So how do you fix this? In my opinion, delete the airbrush tool from your library. You must learn how to blend with hard edged brushes. There is no getting around this. If you are working traditionally, you must avoid overblending. Let some of the brush work show through in the final product, have hard edges. Believe it or not, there are as many hard edges in the real world as soft edges. TIP: If you are working digitally, zoom out of your illustration and make it thumbnail sized. If you are working traditionally, you can try walking away from your painting or taking a picture, importing it on your computer and zooming out. If your illustration still reads when it's super small. You're most likely going in the right direction. If not, you're either overblending, shading with the base color or making the mistake we're going to talk about next. 

3) WRONG VALUES/NOT ENOUGH CONTRAST. Value is how much black you have in your color. The absence of black is white. A lot of people are afraid to press that pencil down, to put more shadows and highlights in their illustrations and paintings. They are trying to avoid ruining it but the consequence is a work of art that doesn't catch the eye and has no dimension to it. You must push your values. Don't be afraid of making the highlight lighter and the dark darker. How to tell if your painting lacks contrast? The best way to fix this problem is by doing greyscale studies, that means working with pure black and white and mixing them to get greys. It is vitally important you do this to get to understand values. But if you want to do a colored painting, you still need your values to be in check. How do you do that? If you are working digitally, create a layer above all your other layers. Take your bucket tool. Pick pure black and color your layer with it. Change the layer mode to color. Your painting should be in black and white. You can turn the visibility on and off to check your values and push that contrast. If you are working traditionally, you can take a picture of your piece and use software to turn the photo black and white. You can walk a step back and squint your eyes (but this isn't very reliable. Especially for beginners). Don't be afraid to push your values. You'll be able to create more interesting effects and your work will have more dimension.

If you have any more questions you can ask them below. Follow me on Instagram: @__carthago (double undersocres.)
I drew my best-friend in 6 different art-styles.
As a gift for her 18th birthday, I drew my best friend in 6 different art-styles (the first being my own). 
This took so long but it was so worth it as she was very happy with it.

Instagram: @__carthago

(I signed this while it was flipped. forgive me for being an idiot)

Instagram: @__carthago (Two underscores).

Any CC is welcomed.

I've always wanted to do a portrait of myself to be my avatar on art-related social media accounts. In the future I might start posting speedpaints on YouTube but for now my main goal is Instagram.

ALSO: I'm very interested in doing an art collab with other beginner painters! If you're interested please e-mail me:
I want to believe in the TARDIS.
This is my second ever painting. Made in clip studio paint. X-Files x Doctor Who fanart.
 "All of time and space. Everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?".



1- Sketch
2- Block values
3- Blend
4- Add colour
5- Highlights and shadows.

Any constructive criticism is welcomed.

You can find me on Instagram: @__carthago (Two underscores)

(This is a parody and is protected by fair use laws)
Goddess of Knowledge and link.
Geneva is the goddess of knowledge and the link between the heaven, earth and underworld. She was born out of man's thirst to know more about the world. Her symbol is the triangle that represents the 3 worlds she links. Geneva granted humanity the ability to acquire knowledge.

Geneva is my first ever OC. It's a fairly new idea so I haven't developped it a lot yet. I think I'm going to do more god OCs in the future that exist in the same universe she exists in. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. 

You can follow me on Instagram: __carthago

Please don't repost or use it without my permission. You can contact me at


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Eya Lanez
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I'm 18. I really like digital painting and recently I took an interest to traditional pencil art. I really like blues and greens with a pop of red or orange. That's my current aesthetic. Some of my art friends say I have an eye for colour.


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