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Dating gone Digital
After college it can be so hard to meet people. I’m 27, and have been having no luck at this dating stuff. All the men in bars are desperate or players, and I’m tired of it. Time to get with the times, and try out online dating.
There was so much to weed out. So many messages when I first signed up. Hey cutie, nice toes, boys asking for photos. The negative comments when I turned them down, and somehow men twice my age were messaging me. Is this what the dating scene has become? I almost quit until I got a message from iTried0712. His photos looked like normal pictures friends took of him. No bathroom mirror photos was a good sign so I messaged him back.
We had some similar interests and messaged back and forth for some time. We chatted on a messaging app per my request. It takes a lot to get my phone number, I’ve already had to change it once. Some people just can’t take no for an answer.
Even after talking for some time no real red flags, and
:iconwatairdragon:WatairDragon 34 24
629 by Reyblackwolf 629 :iconreyblackwolf:Reyblackwolf 122 3 Windune by DanielHasenbos Windune :icondanielhasenbos:DanielHasenbos 141 10
From Malis

(Re) what's the corperation like man?

The corporation isn't exactly in the moral high ground, more often then not. Whenever someone or something makes the good ol' corporation uncomfortable, they send me or a few others out. Yeah. The only reason I'm doing this is so I don't get deactivated. "200 years of service to the mighty corporation will be your punishment". Well here I am, 199 years later, with only eight more months of service. Damn am I happy. All of my squad mates served there time, all of em are out. But of course, I got the longest sentence. Killing a corporate overlord will do that to ya I suppose.

Don't get me wrong, it's got it's ups. Free top of the line upgrades, free mechanical care, plenty of cash. (And also this sexy-ass agent coat) But every damn thing you do is monitored. If you step out of line to hard, they skip your "three strikes" straight to frying your brain with a radiation lobotomy if you're a fleshy, or a complete wipe of your memory if you're a anthroid or an android. It's a really fun weight to have over your head.

And then there's your coworkers. Odds are, if you're such a badass you became one of us agents, your either really, REALLY, mouthy, or really quiet. Unfortunately for me, they pitted me with tier-2 agents. Essentially, we're the second best. Being a tier-2, you get a whole lot of access to damn near anywhere. Above our rank, you get the REAL heavy hitters. People with super powers, experimental serums, super advsnced cyborgs, super soldiers, magic users, you name it, and it's probably tier one. Tier one's don't get out often, and I've only seen a few. I saw this freak called "Vomen" Guy was so freaking angry he head-butted a god damned satellite back into orbit. After he caused some mayhem, his implants knocked him out, and some tier-0's showed up with an
ass-ton of tier 3s, they dragged him off. Tier-0's are just the people who run the corperation. The real hands behind us puppets. Nothing goes though without them hearing about it first.

I suppose I should mention the other tiers, three through six. Tier threes are the military force of the corperation, tier 4s are scientists and that sort of thing, tier 5s are the office force, and is mainly composed of code monkeys and lawers. Tier 6s are just menial labor workers. Janitors, assistants, anyone who failed the iq test.

Ay, I've gotta bounce, someone may be listening.

P.S.  you get this Ike, tell Malevo he can suck my metal dick.


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Unless it’s some of that new hippity dippity, 100% organic, certified chemical free, all natural stuff called…water? Is that what it’s called? Can’t stand the stuff myself. No flavour, full of who knows what. Next thing they’ll tell me it’s good for my health. Bah! Poppycock! That’s just part of the marketing scheme. Well let me tell you, I am the last person to be hornswoggled by some fancy advertising or flashy gimmick. That’s why I only ever drink CRUSHED!™ A bittersweet, infinitely satisfying beverage made from the tears of your enemies, collected by rehabilitated ex-junkie tooth fairies and then brewed for 3 non-consecutive full moons, until all the natural goodness is finally eliminated and all you’re left with is a blend of barely legal chemicals. "Get CRUSHED!™, the beverage of poor sportsmen!"

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