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Just lost a completely inked comic to windows update restart. YUSSS!!!!
We're set to record Last Place Podcast 4 at around midnight here and we're looking pretty light on questions. So, instead of wondering for the rest of your life what could have been, why not get involved? We need your silly, weird, interesting questions to answer, and we promise we'll only make fun of you a little. :D
Well, I'll tell you one thing I learned. Never buy a $8 AC adapter from China. So, They're replacing the one that broke and I'm buying a higher quality one online but neither will get here til the 4th of january. D:
Well... My AC adapter on my laptop broke. It kind of flickers in and out. So, since my battery holds no charge, my laptop will randomly shut down, undoing all the work I've been doing in the process.... So, a new AC adapter is in the mail. In the meantime, here's some comics I did recently for the drunk duck awards if you want to check em out. Not as good as a real update, but hey, its all I got.

link and link
By me of course. Well, I've gotten some requests to do another podcast, and that means we need another round of sweet questions from you the viewing audience.

Pretty much anything goes so fire away, boys!
I keep forgetting to post this with the artist comments, so I'll just post a journal about it. Omnipresent superfan ultimate super mario shows his love with more fanart. TRIANGLE HERO LIIIIIVES!!
I'll have the comic up by tomorrow, promise! It's a longer one and its taking a while. Sorry for the slow updates...
Yep. We're looking to do another one. We were thinking of turning it into an answering emails type thing.

One problem: we need questions to answer! Doesnt really matter what its about or how dumb/weird a question it is, just as long as its something that takes more than a couple words to answer.

So c'mon, weenies! Post some below, jerks!
Yeah... sorry about that, dA was gettin all jiggy with it on me at the time of submission. Anywho, today I had to make a Sophie's Choice-esque decision about which one to delete, I did what I had to do, and believe me that I've struggled with that decision to this very day.

The point is, sorry if your comment got all deleted and whatnot. The man made me do it!
My laptop decided to shut down right as I was in the final stages of finishing the latest comic.

Fucky fuck fuuuuuuuuck!!!!

Gotta redo the whole thing... Expect it up by sunday morn...

Enjoy my nasally voice and awkwardness in this podcast we did about a week ago. We're thinking we want to do more so send some questions or discussion topic our way at
Meep! Had to start the comic late cause it seems like I left my tablet pen in San Diego. ): Anywho, I'll have it up when I get back from work at around midnight
Hey guys, I'm at the con in san diego. Don't have any internet here (cept at this panera's in town). Expect updates on wed hen I come back to Austin (or possibly earlier if we stop by good ol panera's again). Keeping this breif as my laptop keyboard is ass.

Might as well make it official.  Lots of schoolwork coming in on this last week of school. So, LPC is on hiatus until may 6, when finals end.  Til then kiddies.
just letting you guys know that I haven't died or given up on LPC or anything.  Had a really tough week school-wise, and it appears like this is only the tip of the miserable iceberg.

I think I'm gonna be change the update schedule to just saturdays until I graduate, that update schedule I'll be able to actually keep since Friday is my one day where I'm not schoolin or workin.  

Anyways, the next comic will be up tomorrow.... It's a doosey, more than 20 panels I think.  I've been working on it for about 6 hours and still havent finished, but I'll finish it up when I get back from work.

Later guys!
Based on my extremely professional contest…, the new official king of LPC fandom is :iconultimate-super-mario:.  Avert your eyes you unworthy fools!
....was done by Devin. I was up til 7 in the morn studyin, you see. Here's the link:…
OK, so I had the comic pretty much done tonight, when my girlfriend's computer froze up on me....... Like an idiot I didnt save at any point while doing the comic so it's back to my original scans... Well, its 6 here, and I think I'm done for the night.  Comic will be done tomorrow....  Once I get done redoing it.. *sigh*
when i tried to submit my comic, choosing the category for my submission, it keeps taking me to browse deviations in that category. I dunno what's going on with that... but I'll try again when I get up tomorrow. Later peeps.