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Precious boy
Finally getting to posting this here TvT
This was some birthday art for :iconweeshaalicia:

Character: :iconweeshaalicia:
Art: :iconexvet:

:iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz: :iconcommentsplz:
Tori Ref
Another new character I received from :iconxerrkesslerr:

Name: Tori
Gender: Male
Age: 26 (this is just a ref if he were a chub)
Height: 5'2
Personality: Tori tends to try to be slick with getting away from his punishments, but only usually gets caught about it.
A big grump.
Normally does things on his own.
Tori is extremely stubborn as well.
Backstory: (possibly/wip)

Art/character designer: :iconxerrkesslerr:
Tori owner: :iconexvet:
Swingy Swoosh
First place winner raffle prize for xxamluvsxx on Instagram.
This was fun as hellll to do, the pose was cool to do as well.
I loved making this though it took forever to finish.
*shakes fist at school*

Character: xxamluvsxx @ Instagram
Art: :iconexvet:

:iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz: :iconcommentsplz:
Nico Rivard | Rohkuh Ref Sheet
"Please don't tell me what to do, because I won't listen" - Nico

 : General Info :  

Name: Nico Rivard 

Gender:  Male
    Sexuality: Demi-Sexual

Age: 256
    Birthday: May 26

Level: 0

Height of Regular Form: 7'00"

Height of Alter Form: 5'11"

Height of Ascendance: 9'00"

Life #: 1st

Class Type: Proto

Power Type:  Shield

Faction: Warden


  : Personality :    
| Quiet | Modest | Lax | Passive-Aggressive | Naive | Sly | Cunning | Curious | Innocence | Stubborn |

    Nico has always been a modest and quiet soul. At a young age and living in a small community had made him naive towards the outside world, he began to develop ways to excite his life. He would often cause trouble for other Protos in the village he lived in by pranking them and causing troubles for many of the villagers. Most of his pranks were quite harmless, although his pranks were harmless he was still lectured for them. Nico did not care for the lectures or responsibilities the villagers spoke of, he would always find a way to cut the lecture short or dodge them in general. As time passed his pranks had gotten less and less amusing/exciting. 
    At the same time, his curiosity grew and he began to question what the outside world looks like. Then his curiosity grew into a determination to leave the village, to travel the world of Numani and many of the villagers were against his decision of leaving the safety of the village. For fear of being found, they forcibly stopped him. Seeing that they could not be reasoned with, little did the villagers know Nico was well-prepared for this with a plan, in which the plan had included numerous amount of pranks he set over the area. In the chaos of this pranks, he was able to escape the villagers and into the world of Numani.

   Nico hails from a small village on the edges of Numani, and he was mostly surrounded by Protos that hid from the 'New' King's soldiers. Being surround by Protos his whole life had caused him to value the sense of family very highly, that also meant he was also sheltered among the village. In the early ages of his life, Nico had amused himself (with very poor attempts/to excite his life) by pranking the villagers. 
    As time passed his attempts to excite his life became less and less amusing and at the same time, his curiosity for the outside world grew. Most of the Protos feared that if any members of their group left the village, they would be caught and the village would be exposed. Nico had enough of hiding in the small and confined village, so one night he left the village in search of new life. One that doesn't require hiding or fearing for one's life, Nice had decided that "It's better to die free than to die a slave of fear. It's incredible to live free and continue the journey of life"

  : Misc :  

  New things

   Lied to
   Treated as a child

Extra Info: 
Most of his life he has been sheltered, so he doesn't understand most common slangs or phases that others may use. (the only thing he knows for a fact is the 'New King' is a big bad dude)Loves both regular and alter form, mostly because traveling purposes and styling his fancy looks. (he's a sucker for coats and good looking clothes, but only if he can afford them)At times he sometimes regrets leaving his village in the way he did, but he DIDN'T regret his decision to leaveThis Boi is a sucker for tea, loves to collect tea leaves and drinks them on his travelsHe plays with his hair whenever he gets nervous or gets caught doing something bad (pranking)

EP Tracker:
Clan: N/A

Character designer: :iconazvaar:
Character owner: :iconexvet:

:iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz:: :iconcommentsplz:


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