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The Nether

I soon have 6,666 Pageviews

And thought this would be appropriate...

get it?
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Iraylia hey uh why it's a bee on Minecraft?MINECRAFT BEEEndhamzomGUUUUURL heh! whatever. YOU would unsubscribe all of them!Agnis the Flame king says who?Agnis the Flame king *pushes in the lava(EndhamzomGUUUUURL *squidward scream*MamesTheDragon OMG YOU KILLED ENDHAMZOMGUUUUUR!!!! U BASTARD!!!Ghast fire YEEEEAEAEZESAESAAAAAAAAAARudy Shaefer uh what is that??/Iraylia UH OHMINECRAFT BEE dan dan daaaanRobzar emoticon :(
Hi, i love your art!!
SKYPE? i would love to talk to you!
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hello I wanted if you could make a banner or photo minecraft for my channel pliss yotube I like your drawings call me my skype is TheFabrix and my channel TheFabrix
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Can i use this for my Twitch and/or my YouTube?
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This is pretty beautiful. It works so well!
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Im glad you think so =)
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this....would make an awesome texture pack.....resource pack....i don know anymore

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Great job, on all of it. I especially like the way you drew the nether portal though, the cracks in the frame look amazing.
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Im very glad you like it! =D Thank you!!
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nice work!       what software did you use? I So Creep I So Steve I So Creep 
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Whoa...this looks so cool! :omg:

You could totally make a texture pack out of this. I bet people would love it ;)
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Hahah i'd fail

Glad you like it! =D
8BitStitchPunk's avatar
Oh's still a neat idea though. :shrug:

[You're welcome! :)]
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Someone should do a texture pack so that it looks just like your art style...
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eheh it wont be me for sure!
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Very well done! I see what you did there .-. 

This would be the perfect nether, look at all that glowstone that we don't have to stack to and unstack after knocking most of it into lava -.- 
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LOL, make a witch farm and = infinite glowstone

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