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It's been over a year since I wrote something! I also haven't been drawing much either. I've learnt a lot about myself and how the absence of art in my life has affected me. On one hand it improved my ability to handle school, but on the other, art apparently gave me purpose :- ) I have no idea how many people are active on DeviantArt anymore, but I'm here to ask for some opinions : ) Firstly, I will very rarely interract on DeviantArt. I prefer Tumblr in case I will ever submit art. I find Tumblr very calm and pleasant. I don't seek platforms that will give me the most followers, or where I feel obligated to constantly advertise myself to grow my platform. I never want art to be my livelihood. Also my parents would disown me if I picked art as my caréer 8) I will soon graduate from highschool! I've applied to university and my dream is to become a teacher! I've also received therapy for over a year now which has substantially improved my mental state uwu For over 8 years I've
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For those who first see my DeviantArt Page My entire gallery is ''stored'' and can be put back anytime. Just because my DeviantArt is no longer being used, does not that my art is free to use or repost (it is NOT) I will report it. I initially said I'd like to deactivate my DeviantArt, something I've wanted for many years. But just as I've also mentioned, this DeviantArt is a huge burden for me. Im not happy here, I don't get credited to here, and I recently realized that if I remove my DeviantArt, the social-media site people know me best by, might come here and not know my other ways of contact. Since people have impersonated me before b
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Hello idk if you remember me but a few years ago i has thanked you for being a great inspiration for me and now that i think about it idk why i thanked you 😅😅 probably seems dumb

But i have just come back to da just to see what i have missed from being gone for a very long time and i had just remembered how much you inspired me to get better and work on my art style

So let me just say again that your work and style is still very inspiring after all this time👍👍👍👍😅😁
Thanks for the fave!
Be sure to check out the rest of my gallery
And watch me if you like what I do (๑╹ω╹๑ )
have you ever considered posting your art on tumblr? the minecraft community is pretty active there under the #mineblr and #minecraft tags. i'm sure they'd be happy to have you.
I have indeed! I don't like tumblr too much  because I can't choose
the size I want to submit my art in? I think. And also because
everyone I followed there don't post anything anymore :/
But I might consider it if I find more artist there :- )
Happy birthday!!! Hope your day is going well!!!!
Thank you uwu