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I remember walking into my local bookstore a few years back and randomly picking up Temeraire and thinking I'd give it a go. Turns out that these books are totally awesome!

I found out about the Temeraire art Contest a day before it was due to close, so I threw everything to the side and painted this...nearly killed me ;P For the limited time I had i'm pleased with how it turned out. Might have to go back and do another Temeraire piece at some point and maybe give myself a little more time to do it!
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This is wonderfully EPIC! True fantasy action, the colors, the waves, the fire! One of my favorite Temeraire art for sure!
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lov drac in towel paper

20160930 212008 Signer by louis-jean-braye :)
Omigosh, I love this!  This is amazing!  I love the Temeraire books, and you've really captured the sense of a sea-and-air battle here.
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More Temerererereeer
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Noes! It's a Fluer-de-Nuit!
... or a Kazilik... XP
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It is a Flamme De Gloire I think, she might be Axentare:)
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That's how I found out about the series too!
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The sonic waves are a nniouch with Temeraire.
Though I can't tell if that's Iskierka who's flambéing those poor bastards at sea.
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AAAAAAAAAAAAllllll Aboard the Rape boat.
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You did this in such limited time!? That's amazing!
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Fully ON :) like wOW!!!! every action caught;)
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Unbelievably awesome. <3
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Totally awestuck by this!
This is simply spectaculer:wow:!
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Good to see that Temeraire takes his rightful place among the Master Dragons.
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Amazing, so beautiful !!! You're really gooooooodd !!!
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It is Soooooo awesome! Gute Arbeit auf dem Gemälde.
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Nice. The dragon on the right is Iskierka, or some other Kazilik, and I'm guessing that the dragon on the left is Temeraire, although he looks nothing like that in the story, but hey, it's really nice. Keep up the good work. :P :)
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I agree about the books being awesome! A friend has loaned me the first three in the series, and I am just now starting on "Black Powder War." Novik is nothing short of amazing, and I am glad to see such incredible fan art! I found your art through her website. :)
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And you are now featured on Naomi's Website
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Yay, the Téméraire books are totally awesome, no questions about it. Your art is about just as good though. I think it's the best Téméraire pic I've seen yet (wasn't even looking for one here, just kind of stumbled over this).

The only thing is, Téméraire looks kinda purple instead of black, but maybe that's just a trick of the light.

You should totally do more Téméraire pics.
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I really like this! Its great to see fan art with both Temeraire and Iskierka in it. And you mentioned in one comment that Iskierka looks like a stylized Chinese dragon? The Kazalik dragons are described as very long, sinewy dragons, so, in my opinion, she looks great!

The only things that I find odd are: 1. both dragon's crews are missing, and 2. the antler-like horns you gave Temeraire. He is never described as having horns, but as his ruff going all the way around his head, including where his horns are in your painting.

Overall, I really like it!
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Wohoho! So epic! You've done a great work! ^^
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