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Favorite Pokemon by type by extremespeeds Favorite Pokemon by type :iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 5 16
Ryan's Journal - A Traitor
Ryan Weever's Journal - A Traitor
Timeline: Two days before the events of RHODES
Ryan's location: Ryan's Throne Room, Royal District - Britannia
Only Entry

What is the constitution of a traitor? What is it that allows me to be so heartless and cruel to a man like Ivo Robotnik, or a creature like Shadow the Hedgehog? Some will say it is my "sense of entitlement". Others might accuse me of being a psychopath. And they can say what they please, but I prefer to say...
Because he does not see us as his equals.
Are we not all humans? Are we not brothers and sisters, deserving of attaining perfection together?! I do not wish to generalize, but our society has this problem... This glaring imperfection of perceiving certain members of our species as "different"... We have all heard these expressions at some point, I'm sure:
"That is not me."
"This is not me."
"Thank God that isn't me."
"I am not this. I am not that."
The build of our society prioritizes earnings.
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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger - Let's Go! Ninninger!
Melody: to be added
Let's go! Invincible Ninninger! (Fear the ninja!)
Fighting to protect NinJapan!

See them fly
See them fly
Miss them running through the night
Way too fast for sight
Colors shine
Colors bright
Fear the power of the five
Hoist their banners high

Strong just like a shuriken strike
Bringing justice to forgotten few
Dashing to the future they go!
Bravest! (Biggest!)
Earnest! (Greatest!)
Coming right off the blue!

Let's go! Invincible Ninninger! (Fear the ninja!)
Fighting to protect NinJapan!
Against the dark decay
Loud like the thunder!
Tear them asunder!
GO! GO! GO! (Dread the ninja!)
Forward! Invincible Ninninger! (Fear the Ninja!)
Fire that burns inside NinJapan!
Together Shuriken Sentai

Through the dark
Of the land
Now salvation is at hand
From the evil flames
Spirits move
Deep inside
Feeding fuel to our drive
To our rightful claim

:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 5 0
Tensou Sentai Goseiger - Opening (English ver.)
Melody: [link]
We were born to save this world
To protect the planet that we love
It's our destiny
None will stand before our dreams
There's no evil we won't overcome
It's our legacy

Spread out your wings so we can fly across the Earth
We stand here united as one
Protecting the planet and all who pray for us!
(Tensou!) Fighting to break our limits
(Tensou!) Fighting for hope and freedom
(Tensou!) Within your souls the future lies in waiting
(Tensou!) Pray for a great tomorrow
(Tensou!) Days full of light and sunshine
(Tensou!) Keep holding onto your beloved memories
We fight for all 
We see the light of a new day
Tensou Sentai Goseiger!
Determination guides our hands
Like the Earth we are unstoppable
And so we remain
Giving up is not a choice
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 6 0
Ressha Sentai ToQger - Opening (English ver.)
Melody: [link]
What's that coming what's that shining at the end of the rails
What's this light so bright going all around
Let's all board this train full of magic and wonder
All together we'll figure out

Full speed ahead with our great magical express
Don't be late
We're leaving very soon
The rails will
Rattle on until we reach the end
Through the wind
All our dreams
Will come true
At the stations ahead

Check the signs of the hand
Here? There? Maybe everywhere!
Soaring through the infinite blue with our own imagination!
Through the tunnels we go
Over the rainbows without a stop
Ressha Sentai now arriving

Over mountains over oceans over even the sky
We can go anywhere that we want to go
Transfer to this train full of color and wishes
Dashing out at night on the road

So come on up aboa
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 9 12
Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - LUCKYSTAR (English ver.)
Melody: [link]
We look up at the sky at night to count the stars
To see how many show
Because we cannot count them all on hand
Away from home we go
The universe is full of stories on their own
For us the time will fly
I wonder how it is to see each one of them
See through another's eyes


Just waiting won't bring us anywhere
So come on up and join us in a space journey
Don't hesitate
Let's go with haste
There's no time to waste

Careful not to shine too bright
You're a lucky star! (Kyuranger!)
Cruising through the neverending void of space (Kyuranger!)
We are hyper-galactic class lucky stars (Kyuranger!)
Let us battle through the cosmos so we'll see
The future that we make
So come on catch a ride on a burning comet rain
And fly!
And fly!
And fly!
And fly!
Don't ever give up hope that you will make it through okay!
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!
And good luck!

:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 9 10
EPB - GLaDOS vs. X.A.N.A. (English Unnoficial)
Melody: [link]

Welcome to Aperture Science
If you will, allow me to hasten up this farce
Voila, the chamber's ready and we'll test your intelligence
So hang onto your last few minutes of existence
Oh well, ready your repertoire, and let us all partake
Beating you can only be a giant piece of cake
You lost to mere human children
All familiar with your shtick
Is that a giant teddy bear? A few turrets do the trick
So use your great supercomputer and please calculate
The end result of years of work you did reciprocate.
An alliance with you crossed my mind
But the results are clear and you're not one of my kind.
I keep science alive, you're in a virtual world
Stuck grinding until you reach an equal level of self-worth
I have never heard of you
Could it be that you're afraid?
I'll just have to let you die 
Because your game jus
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 3 2
Ryan's Journal - The Death of Robotnik
Ryan Weever's Journal - The Death of Robotnik
Timeline: One day after the events of Heir
Ryan's Location: Ryan's Office, Royal District - Britannia
Only Entry

My entire strategy revolves around waiting for the right opportunities... To be ten steps ahead of my enemy, to give them very little time to react to something new. But sometimes, things just... Come together...
I have made it no secret in the past that I want Eggman dead. Looking back now, I do realize that Ivo was far more promising back then, as a young man looking to learn about science and robotics... But at some point, he went astray, and started to perceive what was once his own species as an enemy, and Mobian lifeforms as a work force to be enslaved and trapped in metallic shells that crudely resemble their old selves, in.... Vain mockery of their old identities. The boy who was curious and upbeat grew up into a complete monster, who defies individuality and valor... And sadly, I am convinced there is noth
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 5 21
Lucia Hudson - List of Hammerstaffs
The following is a list of unlockable and starting hammerstaffs for Lucia Hudson.
===List of Lucia’s Hammers =============================================================
Sweet Persuasion
Drive attack: Rose of Juliet
A double ended hammer staff crafted by Doctor von Neuron so Lucia could fight alongside Flavio and her idol, Amy Rose. Manifesting itself from a teleportation device in a ring, it is fast and maneuverable for Lucia to handle, prioritizing strength, but also finesse in each strike.
Piko Piko Hammer
 Sonic the Hedgehog
Drive attack: Tempest of Petals
Wielded by Sonic’s number one fangirl, Amy’s Piko Piko Hammer is strong enough to take down aircraft and create tornados, while providing a speed boost to the wielder.
Lion Hammer
 Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 2 0
Destiny - Part 6B
Destiny - Part 6B
The Gathering at Britannia ~ Our Plan of Attack!

Ryan's Throne Room - Britannia (Prime-verse)
"Yeah, mom, I'm fine... I'm sorry I didn't tell you before... N-nonono, I'm fine, I'm with Sonic. Yeah, and Doc, and my friends, don't worry. Yeah, I'm cured of that lack of sleep, I'll tell you why later, ok? Oh, um, I know this sounds weird, but uh, until I get home... Keep all the lights on, ok? I know, I know, it's kinda crazy, but, just do it, I swear I'll explain it when I get home. Okay, thanks, mom. Love you too."
Flavio hung up the call on his cellphone, sighing. At least the mobile lines were working again, and Britannia had some pretty good coverage, it seemed. But after he was done, he quickly went over to the large crowd of children and their digital monster friends to organize their next maneuver.
"You're telling me this Kurata guy killed lots of Digimon just for some freaky science experiment?!" Yolei asked, disbelieving of what the Data Squad had
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 2 10
Crossover: Equations Part 6
Co-Op Mode: Equations
Gatlinggundemon9 & Extremespeeds
Chapter 6: Reactions
Outside of Britannia…
Doc looked up as they approached the city’s shield. “Okay boy… initiate the domed energy shield.”
With a deep bark, the robotic wolf complied and raised its mouth, a beam of energy shooting out and encasing the Tornado in a domed shield. Approaching the city’s shield, the plane passed through with minor difficulty.
’Hey Doc, you there?’
'Selina! Are you okay?? Where's the Baron?'  Doc asked, looking around.
’I threw him in a barrel and chained him up.’ Selina answered, smirking as she flew over. ’Then I stole his ride.’ Selina waved from the Baron’s Biplane, which passed through the shield with ease.
“So how do we find your boyfriend???” Sonic shouted from the Tornado.
“He gave us
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 1 0
Flavio's Journal - A Gift for a Friend
Flavio Estevez' Journal - A Gift for a Friend
Timeline: Unknown
Flavio's location: Thorndyke Building, São Paulo - SP, Brazil

Only Entry
All done! Got this sweet full moon poster and wolf plushie for my friend from Mobius. I bet she's gonna love it.
I met Rachel a while ago when Doc asked me to help him map a certain forest region of Mobius, she was out on an errand for her brother Max. Apparently she's a werewolf, affected from Dark Gaia energy a while ago, and she's been using it to fight off against someone she calls "DW"... I think.
Why do bad guys have such weird names...
The problem is, I'm hoping my gift makes her happy... I dunno if it's too stereotypical or something... And I'm afraid that it won't be much to show friendship was stuff... She's very kind and cheerful and energetic... Oh I know!
Because she told me she loves it! I'll get one of those too! I hope mom and dad can help, though...
Happy birthday, Rachel!!
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 4 11
Ryan's Journal - Those Interdimentional Patients
Ryan Weever's Journal - Those Interdimentional Patients
Timeline: Equations
Ryan's Location: Ryan's Office, Royal District - Britannia
Entry 1
To say that this new workload is painful undermines the true meaning of my mission with these three... I'd be the first to jump to the conclusion that meddling in other universes' affairs is anti-ethical, but I just.. I just could not ignore the audacity of this particular configuration. Or more specifically, its inhabitants. Whatever this... Orange-colored Emerald is, it seems to be just as dangerous as the common Chaos Emeralds, if not moreso than those... The amount of things it showed me about these children, just because it could detect some similarities between that... That ruffian and myself...
But in resume, I was forced to take action. Apprehension was necessary after all, and after sending out Timothy to test the boy, I was finally convinced. He is a menace. To himself and those around him.
Doesn't help t
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 3 2
Katamari - Song for the King of Kings (English)
Melody: [link]
Performed by: Liam O'Brien 
Oh..! How long has it been...! Here before you stands Us, the King of Kings! Of All Cosmos! Just yesterday, the Queen lectured Us on how to properly fold Our clothes... Oh, the scorn and indignity We feel! We'll sing to it! Do not stop us, for here We come!!
How We love Our Royal Rainbow! (yes!)
Our love for all We see!
Makes Us oh so very happy (indeed)
Our Prince as great as We...!
If today does not look great at least tomorrow's understood
Then again We might get drunk again and that's not good (nooo!)
But oh well, We guess, indeed, that's just how life is like...
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 1 0
Flavio's Journal - Foregone Conclusion
Flavio Estevez' Journal - Foregone Conclusion
1st Entry
Timeline: Seven months after the events of Sonic Unleashed - Wednesday morning
Flavio's Location: Estevez Household, São Paulo - SP, Brazil

Sonic saved the world again not long ago, because OF COURSE he did, and then I find out that they made a GAME about it!! Which of course I asked mom and dad to get for me, I just GOTTA get it!! Sonic Unleashed, and it's got Sonic as a FRIGGIN WEREWOLF!! 
I can't wait for that game!!

2nd Entry
Timeline: Seven months after the events of Sonic Unleashed - Wednesday night
Flavio's Location: Estevez Household, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
I think tomorrow there's gonna be a class presentation about your favorite pastimes or something, I'm gonna show my game!! It's gonna be great!!!

3rd Entry
Timeline: Seven months after the events of Sonic
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 0 2
Flavio's Journal - Paralel Universes
Flavio Estevez' Journal - Paralel Universes
Timeline: A day before the events of Equations
Flavio's location: Estevez Household, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Entry 1
So I got in touch with Doc after playing a bit of BioShock Infinite, and like, I was starting to wonder if there is such a thing as a parallel universe, since at this point we've already dealt with two worlds different from ours. I guess that means (or it HAS meant for a while) that aliens are real, Pokémon are aliens, HUMANS can be aliens, and so on. According to him, it's not outside the realm of probability, and since he believes in the "multiple worlds" interpretation, the realm of probability might cause these universes to exist.
So naturally I'm excited. Does that mean there's multiple Sonics? And Tailses? Whoa, wouldn't it be cool if there were??

Entry 2
I had a weird dream... It was a huge paradise-like world with tons of different landscapes... And I saw Sonic, but
:iconextremespeeds:extremespeeds 2 26



:iconmultiverseknights: :iconguardians-of-m-e:
Let's keep on runnin...

Journal History


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Hope you enjoy it.
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What can I say?? I do it for the fans. To show them that you CAN accept the new stuff, even if it backs away a little from the main plot. You don't have to hate it! Do it like me and endure it! Search something you like about the game. Or just don't say anything. Writing fan-fiction also works :)

And I, being Brazilian, speak 100% portuguese. Whoever told whoever's reading this that we speak Spanish, that's a common mistake, and you have all the right to assume that.

Current Residence: Brazil, and that's all I'm gonna say about it.
Favourite genre of music: Anything BUT Brazilian funk..
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