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The Tropics - Material Sample

A Teaser of what is to come, this is just a strip of a now 9 layer material that is creating this island in Global Radiosity.

the 9 procedural material layers are as follows:
(from deepest (lowest altitude) to highest)

* Deep Sea Coral
* Shallow Coral
* Wet Sand
* Dry Sand
* Hard Sand/Dirt
* Green Grass
* Undergrowth Ecosystem
* Palm Ecosystem
* Coconut Ecosystem

The water is custom water manipulated from the default meta water.
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Amazing... I wish I could do something incredible like this....
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Great work on the transmission from sea to land - I always find that incredibly hard to do well :faint:
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yeah you're right... it can be difficult to get the transition right, this looks good from this angle, but not as great from a ground level :P
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and what program is this?
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Again, Vue7 :) Vue8 is released in a few days :)
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man i need to get on the ball and get the free version. the only problem is for some reason my laptop won't download the entire file. it'll stop halfway.
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weird... try downloading it on another internet connection or another computer then transfer it by usb or whatever :)
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looks i might have to. i haven't done it since this summer so i'll try on my laptop 1nce more. if i still have problems i'll do it on another system.
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The water (or possibly what's below it) looks a bit "noisy" however everything else including the colour change in water and the foamy shoreline look very real 8-)
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Cheers man! :D I used your Subscribers image as a reference for the water... don't think I nailed the underlying pattern as well as you have but it's a good start.. I love the rest of it especially, the only part i'm not happy with is the part you pointed out.

I'll keep fidling, if you'd like the material when I'm done I'll send it to you :)
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That one I did actually had some extra terrains underwater with a rocky material applied to them to make the "reefs", including the :devart:-shaped island, it probably used around 6 terrains, only one of which was the island itself (I still have the 3D scene but I can't be bothered opening it now :p)

Trying to get a nice and large-scale distribution on a ground-plane is hard, it seems on any infinite plane the mixing fractal stays small even with a huge setting...Try mixing two basic materials (so you can see easier) on an infinite plane with the mixing function set pretty big, you'll still get a small-scale and repetitive pattern, but do the same on an equally large cube or cylinder that's een squashed down and paste the ame material and suddenly the scale of the distribution changes :confused: sometimes I use a wide, flat cylinder for water instead actually =p
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hahaha yeah, infinite terrains are retarded! apparently vue8 improves on them... i'm not too sure to be honest, I did find that tiling/repeating thing an issue but I managed to sort it out but I can't remember what exactly I changed! :S
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Heh... palms look awesome, as does beach.

Colour shift of the deepening water is good too.

Waterline isn't quite as awesome, and speckled water looks kinda funny...
Perhaps better from a lower angle?
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the speckles are a result of the highlights in the water reflecting the sunlight, I might change that and tone it down... have to check,

Waterlines in all CG software are impossibly hard to get done, 90% of the time they'd be done as post-work in PS or (for film/animation) in After Effects or Combustion.
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