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The Tattoine Pinnacles

I was watching Star Wars just yesterday and playing with Vue and ran into a strangely cool fractal combination. I took that to World Machine 2 and back into Vue and here you have it... The Tattooine Pinnacles.

Head over to my website to see a bigger version: [link]
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this is soo awesome!
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Nice erosion effects and terrain.
angelitoon's avatar
COOL rock formation!

I love it!
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Thanks :) I really loved the 'tendril-like' fingers coming out :)
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This is very good. I haven't used world machine 2. What advantages do you think it has over Vue, or adds to Vue?
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*over* Vue... I would say not all that much... if you want a competitive comparison then the two are very evenly matched for terrain creation... Remember World Machine does not have a rendering engine! So what you get is just the mesh in a heightfield format...

If you're talking about a combined comparison then it is fantastic! there are a few features in Vue (like the strata filter and the tilt function within that) that aren't available in WM2 (or at least not as detailed) so it works really nicely to use the 2 in conjunction with each other :)
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This turned out beautifully - makes for a very compelling environment!
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Cheers :) I'm currently pumping out render after render of new environments that I will be compiling for an animation :)
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"if there is a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from..."
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:) thanks for the fav. :)
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Hmm, they still feel a little "small" like you could climb them in around 10 minutes...then again, I've seen little of Star Wars and the only thing I remember about Tattoine was that it had two suns...which makes me wonder why they havn't made a secondary sun an option in Vue yet :sun: :sun:
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Heh, the "sun" in Vue is just a directional light that is linked "point at the camera"... you could always add another one :P. You could possibly even just copy/paste the default sun.

As for the image, I agree, I'm still working at getting the scale right in my world machine erosion... I know one way of getting there but for some reason i'm getting artefact's when I do it that way, so it's back to the drawing board to try find a different way around :P
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Yeah, but extra directional lights on't show a visible sun-disc though, only a lens flare if checked. I mean - I could postwork another sun in myself as I have done once before, but I know many would like the convenience of another directly in Vue :D
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