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Summer Fields

It's been quite awhile since my last image I posted on DA, I've been mainly focusing on animations and I'm finally able to show a still shot of a short animation I'm doing for my showreel.

Hopefully I'll have a link to the animation in a week or so when it's done rendering!


Conrad Allan
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Bro u can send your mail ID 
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I'm featuring this in my journal for week 21. Hope you dont mind:D [link]
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absolutely amazing!
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Looks really good. Love the natural motion! Are you using Cinema 4D's HAIR module? Looks very much like it.
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Nah mate, these are grass models from another program :) all rendered in Vue :)
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This is very good. I hope to someday get this kind of quality from my work. Awesome.
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thanks very much :) It's just a matter of patience and learning from the best :)
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This is utterly gorgeous - can't wait to see it moving!
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looks realistic and :wow:
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An example where a lens flare is actually useful :XD: looks realistic, especially considering Vue's plants can sometimes look a bit game-like on extreme closeup :D
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yes, they aren't exactly designed for close-ups... object antialiasing helps with that but can only go so far :)
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Looks very realistic, nice work.
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Wow.. :omfg: really amazing! Very original and feels very real! Love it! :)
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Looks nice, can't wait to see the animation! :D
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Cheers :) 36 frames are done, out of 400 :P
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