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fooGlassic 1.0.8

---> Updated to 1.0.8 (2011.12.15) :new:

■ Fixed title cut off problem, caused by art sizing in elp (fooGlassic 1.0.7).


---> Updated to 1.0.7 (2011.12.15)

■ Added option to more easily change cover art size in elplaylist. See [link]
■ lyrics 2 component replaced with lyrics 3.


---> Updated to 1.0.6 (2011.08.10)

■ Made some corrections to lower CPU usage.


---> Updated to 1.0.5 (2011.08.10)

■ fixed: ELPlaylist group title text was cut off in higher system DPI.


---> Updated to 1.0.4 (2011.08.08)

■ Rewritten web search (context menu links), now uses track meta data fields instead of foobar title formatting.
■ More accurate special characters URL encoding with bands like AC/DC, Heaven & Hell...
■ Option to search selected album in playlist: hold down Ctrl while clicking context menu web links.
■ ELPlaylist no shows Album Artist field in group header (instead of Various Artists) when playing albums with various artists.


---> Updated to 1.0.3 (2011.07.26)


foobar2000 troubleshooter:

The following components found on your system are known to be problematic and should be either uninstalled or updated to their latest versions:

foo_chronflow.dll : Chronial's Coverflow
Reason: Repeated crash reports; component no longer under development.


If your foobar crashes with this theme, then the reason is most likely foo_chronflow component.

To fix this you may try to adjust different Chronflow settings in Performance tab and make sure you have latest video drivers installed.

But if nothing seems to help, then just remove this component from foobar2000 components folder and replace the default foo_ui_columns.dll.cfg with included one in Without CoverFlow folder.


---> Updated to 1.0.2 (2011.07.12)

■ Fixed cover panel crash, if turning mouse wheel when cover panel is focused and playlist is empty.

---> Updated to 1.0.1 (2011.07.11)

■ Library filter settings was not saved in fcl file.
■ Removed the fcl file (not needed anymore)
■ Added columns ui configuration file (holds all the needed settings)


Finally got some time to finish my new foo theme!

Classic foo design with Glassy frame ;)

So far i have tested it in Windows 7 x64 & Windows XP x86.

Yes it works on XP too :) only without the Glassy frame, preview here [link]


Components used in this theme:


All the components and instructions included.


So let's test it out now ;)

Tip1: Hold down Ctrl key while hovering over buttons to see the button tiptext!

Tip2: ELPlaylist width is drag-able!
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Hi there,

I love how this skin has exactly everything that I wanted and more, all wrapped up tidily in an aesthetically pleasing way. I got everything working including chronflow, but the lyrics won't work. How can I get it to search for lyrics online for each song I play? > < Thankies
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Glad you like it :)

The lyrics component was outdated. I updated the archive with latest stable foo_uie_lyrics3 v.

You may download fooGlassic again or just download latest lyrics3 component here [link] (there is also beta version: 0.3.6 beta 5)
after the fav star button, I wish there's a <3 button.
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Hey bro! Its me again!
Well. I've been using FooGlassic as my main Skin for about a year now. I have tried pretty much every single one out there, and I think FooGlassic is the best one or the one that fits better on my taste. Though there are some things that still can be done better. I got some ideas. Do you have time/interest to listen? Can I somehow help you make this skin even better?

- Dave
dude.when will the next update be released.I am using your designed skin right now. it looks amazing.thx
thanks for the awesome foobar skin
but can you tell me which panel did you place your customized minimize, close and restore buttons?
i want to remove it out and use the default minimize, close,restore buttons that come with the windows titlebar
because my foobar now shows 2 pairs of minimize, close and restore buttons
Hi, there is a typo in Helpers.txt:278. Play Pount should read Play Count.
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I'm still using this theme every day and how i haven't seen this? :confused:

Thanks, typo corrected.
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Hi eXtremeHunter1972!

I must say, this is the best foobar skin I've seen to date! I've just one quick question, though:

Is it possible to limit the Artist library filter to just Artist and not Album Artist?

Thanks a lot!
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Thanks! :)

foobar preferences Columns UI/Filter and in Artist field remove Album Artist;
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You are the best! Thanks a ton!!
How can I change context menu "Copy" in playlist?
Sorry! I found it by myself.
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Loving this theme, is there a way to configure the library to do directory structure? If this was asked already sorry, I may have missed the comment on it.
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Hey ExtremeHunter.

On foobar 1.1.9, the following error started to appear:

Failed to load DLL: foo_plorg.dll
Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.

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No problems here, you probably need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 [link]
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Oh, man. I forgot to thank you. :)

Well, I got another suggestion or, request, if you will.

First of all, I wanna show you how I use my fooGlassic:


I got two monitors :)

What I'd like to request is, the size of the album art (right side) to be at least 3 or 4 times bigger. Once you're obviously not going to publish that, maybe you could instruct me where to change. I messed up the script like 10 times trying to make it work.
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fooGlassic 1.0.7

■ Added option to more easily change cover art size in elplaylist. See [link]

I hope it helps little bit :)
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Can you believe this ExtremeHunter? I bet you had already thought about it, and you were just waiting for someone to ask! :-P

Thanks a lot, man! I'll apply this update now.
And of course, if you want more ideas for the next Updates, I can send you by e-mail sometime if you want :) I got plenty of them!

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There was bug in 1.0.7 elp script, use the 1.0.8 script.
Sorry wasn't drinking my morning coffee yet when I wrote the 1.0.7 :stupidme:
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Oh well... Now we got a bug :|


What is that? May I reinstall the whole thing?
DavidLago's avatar
Downloading now! Thanks!
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