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fooAero CUI v1.4.5

Compatible with latest foobar :#1:

Updated 2011.07.12 :new:

Fixed cover panel crash, if turning mouse wheel when cover panel is focused and playlist is empty.


Updated 2011.04.14

Little Button correction and
changed seekbar behavior. (see the ~QTR4333 request in comment on fooAero DUI)


Updated 2011.03.13

- updated info panel script, now shows composer and performer field if present in tag. Also corrected album artist field.


Updated 2011.02.02

- fixed: when switching windows theme to basic and back to aero the glass part was black.
- added updated wsh panel mod mod component.


Updated 2011.01.27

- fixed: (again) switching between radio stream and local tracks sometimes caused wsh panel error.
- fixed: cursor ico when over seekbar.


Updated 2011.01.10

improved - volume button behavior.
added - time display now shows volume db when volume is changed.

Since 1.4 available only with bottom seekbar version!


Updated 2010.12.30

- fixed: error when hovering mouse over seekbar on the beginning of the track.


Updated 2010.11.04

- fixed: switching between radio stream and local tracks sometimes caused wsh panel error.


Updated 2010.10.31

- fixed wsh panel error when resizing player window on v2.


Updated 2010.10.30

- added Count column to ESPlaylist
- updated components folder: ESPlaylist v0.1.3.1


Updated 2010.10.26

- added Playlist Organizer Tab
- some ESPlaylist corrections


Remake of the fooAero DUI [link]

components used:

foo_playcount.dll // optional

For getting the transparency effect you need Windows Vista or Seven with Aero enabled.

Help file with all needed components included.

Enjoy ;)
© 2010 - 2021 eXtremeHunter1972
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Tried with foobar2000 v1.3, doesn't work...
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Just in case... I downloaded it, tested it and all works just fine with foobar2000 1.3!
simon4ik's avatar
I still have a problem with WSH mode. Maybe anyone can upload here some portable foobar player with this skin?
softmode's avatar
Hey, I know about using >Preferences Display/Columns UI/Clors and Fonts to change most of the fonts, but how do you change the font used in the tabs?
softmode's avatar
nevermind, disregard, found out!
Co0866's avatar
Using Foobar2000 v1.2.1 it doesn't work.
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Are u sure?

Just tested with Foobar2000 v1.2.1 and all is ok!
Co0866's avatar
Hi, here is what I've done:

1. I installed Foobar v1.2.1
2. I put FooAeroCUI folder to Foobar2000 themes folder
3. I put included components to Foobar2000 components folder
4. I put included configuration files to Foobar2000 configuration folder
5. I installed the included font: "bank-gothic-light-bt"
6. I started Foobar and went to Preferences and imported "fooAero CUI.fcl"

resulting in several error messages, as:
"Error encountered during script execution ......."
Why does it always have to be frustrating rocket science?
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Open foobar2000 preferences (Ctrl+p) and on tools, disable WSH panel safe mode.
Co0866's avatar
OMG, now it works! lol .. thank you very much xD
Great skin man. Love it. The only problem I have is with the lyric search. Sometimes it will auto find the lyrics but this is rare. If I manually search it will always come up with no results. Any advice on the optimal settings for lyric search?
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Please download again,

I replaced lyric show 2 with lyric show 3 [link]

maybe you get better results with it.
Thank you for the reply, strangely enough I already had Lyric Show 3. It really is quite strange as very easy to find lyrics don't show up while obscure and uncommon lyrics will. It's very random what autoloads and it will never find anything when I do a manual search. Again though thanks for the reply.
Doesn't work ...
And foonix folder ? There's no foonix folder..
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Works just fine, only the help file was mixed with my other theme named "foonix" help file.

That's corrected now, thanks for mentioning it.
I actually get an error after importing .fcl
Am I alone in that case?

Thanks for responding btw!
DarkDefender90's avatar
I didn't get the DUI version to work, but the CUI version works perfect. I'm using foobar2000 v1.1.8 beta 6

Because of the transparency at the bottom the white buttons/text are not easy to read on light backgrounds.
llOmegaNexusll's avatar
Hey this is a REALLY good skin and thank you very much for making it available to us all. I did have one problem though. See, whenever I scroll through the covers, foobar eventually crashes. I've already included the no-covers.jpg file, so I have no idea why it's doing this. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Glad you like it :)

Coverflow is known as problematic component and it's no longer maintained.
Open foobar preferences / Display / Chronflow and try to adjust different Chronflow settings in Performance tab.
n0vamarin3's avatar
nvm, worked like a charm
n0vamarin3's avatar
the info panel seems to be crashed, any solution? :(
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Sorry about that, it was dui info script in cui :stupidme:
thedarkerone's avatar
Is there a way to use a font besides gothic?
eXtremeHunter1972's avatar
Sure, foobar Preferences Display/Columns UI/Clors and Fonts
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