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CaTRoX (1.April.2014)

Hello there!
Over a long time here's my new foobar2000 theme. :#1:

With this theme i mainly introduce my WSH playlist!

Layout: Biography, Lyrics, WSH cover art, WSH playlist, WSH meta info and filter panels + three reserved panel slots for you to customize (see installation.txt how to enable).

Fullscreen preview extremehunter1972.deviantart.c…


If you have installed foobar2000 standard version, then copy configuration and user-components folders to:

---> on Windows 7/8: DRIVE: Users-Your Name-AppData-Roaming-foobar2000
---> on Windows XP: DRIVE: Documents and Settings-Your Name-Application Data-foobar2000

and themes folder to foobar2000 installation folder.

if you installed portable version then copy all to foobar2000 installation folder.

On first/clean install → interface module window comes up → select Column UI.

---> How to install video…

---> How to add new panel:…
Example shows how to add new wsh panel mod and then shows how to add Br3tts coverflow script.…

---> How to add new filter:…

---> to change panels button names right click on button and select Splitter Settings... then select Script

---> If you want to use web links or open images/image folders in cover art panel or change/hide window frame, then you need to disable WSH panel safe mode (Preferences/Tools/WSH Panel Mod)

----> PS. Lots of stuff can be enable/disable on right click menus.

---> CaTRoX (30.03.2014)
-> Panel_List.js
-> fix: Skip rated less than... not working, when using tag rating.
-> add: Some requested group variables: artistColorPlaying, albumColorPlaying, infoColorPlaying, dateColorPlaying, lineColorPlaying.
-> add: Grouping presets: by path, by date, by user defined.
-> fix: Group info: 24bit file codec. (v2)

---> CaTRoX (01.04.2014) :new:
-> Panel_List.js
-> fix: Send selection to another playlist was messed up.
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How do I remove the header on the top?



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Hi @eXtremeHunter1972 ! I wonder what's that :

"Parsing file "C:\SOFTS\foobar2000_b\\themes\CaTRoX\Scripts\Control_List.js": Failed to load"

in console ?

thanx for amazing work :)

Hi, how can I hide the window tile bar like you in the screenshot?

My currently look like this:

and btw, if i wouldn't have customized so much to my taste this theme - i would choose (judging by the screenshot available) this
  Eole blows gently into your ear his nicest melody by alibalicou
There were nothing before and still there isn't anything visually appealing theme like this one. So, I've just decided to recommend to try it out here. Because before darkone's & catrox's skins I've found all other ones straight-up ugly
I would like a help with \themes\CaTRoX\Scripts\Panel_List.js file. I did some minor edits before, but I can't do one thing I really want (for a long time now):
Since I often use playlists, or files from someone else - usually it's one track per album. So I end up with the situation like this
Untitled-0 by i0n0ff  
As you can see I've got fullhd display, and even by making fonts smaller - it doesn't really help - to few tracks are visible, so I have to scroll a lot. Plus, too much of unused space
I would really love to have it like this:
Untitled-1 by i0n0ff  
The changes are:
1)we combine 3 lines into one single row (Album Artist, Album name, Date, Genre & encoding line);
2)Tracks take the space we've just emptied just under our first line

This would be very space-efficient and nice looking. sadly i'm too dumb to figure out how to do this. I know almost nothing about coding - I couldn't figure out how to do this

If someone interested I can help out with how made visible in the playlist (years ago) my album comments, track marks (like my edits), if someone is mentioned in "COMPOSER" tag - it automatically adds " (prod. by %COMPOSER%)" at the end... very small and simple stuff like this
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Hello! How can I scroll songs in playlist with mouse wheel? It doesn't work for me.
no idea at all. It has always worked for me on different computers and versions of windows. that's my best help
The only thing I'd really like to have - is getting this cool coloring for features and producers in the playlist like here:
foobar_ncmpcpp_mod by twnsnd
here's the link, just in case:…
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my fav. theme, Thanks!!
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Nice work, but I've noticed that for some reason any key shortcut I introduce gets Ctrl or Alt ignored.
I can say it's not true in my experience at all
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Hello People.

Know someone, how to deactivate that annoying font check?
Because i couldn´t found it on internet.
Just double-click on mentions fonts in the folder "Fonts (Install these fonts if needed)" - it should be quite easy
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You kiddng me ... I need to deactivate it without installing that font or any because i am on portable version and in it i atached that fonts to theme and it work flawless  but only that check message remained.
Untitled by K11NGOFPOP   
Just double click on the font mentioned (Guifx.....) -> Click install in the top-left corner as far as i remember
i also use portable version. i really don't know how to help u otherwise. i would just install the font
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I know about that... but i looking for another solution.  It is annoying to install that font on every pc i use, or on someones i had given that player. 
I know this may be a stretch, but for any passerby's with coding skills who see this post;
could you do the rest of us a service by resolving some modification quirks that pretty much constitute 90% of questions, past or future,
and unloading a tutorial for basic users on the following:

- How to change the font to any desired font installed on the user's computer, as well as font size?
- How to change the font colors (i think there's 4 of them)?
- How to set player opacity (transparency)?
- And most arduous of all: How to change the 4 main player colors
(background which is darkest;
 panel background which is brighter;
 scrollbar background which is brightest dark shade;
 and of course the light gray/white accents such as the scroll bar itself and the arrows and the playback buttons and etc.)?

a. Which file to open to edit the above.
b. What to use to open it and edit it (i'm guessing Notepad++ is universal for everything or something like that).
c. Which line to change or find for effect [attribute] <===> [change].

This tutorial would make this theme universal, because the GUI is what's great about this player,
the only thing missing is aesthetic customization in regards to colors and font.
Thanks in advance to anyone (or even the creator if he/she resurfaces) who takes the time and creates this, or contributes to the creation of it.
about colors: you just could use ctlr+F in this topic. type "color". fonts should be very close there as well (in the preferences - column ui. i guess)
UPD: about fonts - look at the comment just below
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can I modified playlist font?

Update #1: I modified titleFontNormal, titleFontSelected and titleFontPlaying of Panel_List.js on  C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\themes\CaTRoX\Scripts.

Now, I want to sort album by date but when if I type %date% on "sort incoming file by" on Shell Integration albums are sort by date but tracks are disorder.

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I am running a customized version of this theme, to get the biography panel working I had to remove the old biography view component, installed JScript Panel and the JScript Biography script, and now it all works better than ever, fetching album info, pictures and biographys from and AllMusic. Running win7 64bit.

Foo2000 by Dk0dr
Hey can you share the biography scripts and cover scripts for this one would love to have those working again thanks man!
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