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Taisei and Hahenko Box Art

Finally! After nearly a year of production, my UTAUloids have been released!

Taisei Nemurine
Taisei is a German-born UTAUloid. It's hard to really anger him, as he usually doesn't care enough about what people think.
He's usually very happy and always trying to make people smile, usually with sarcastic remarks. Whenever something does get on his nerves, he'll go off alone and punch a tree.
He loves making friends and being lazy, his two best traits. He only sings when he has too.
Taisei loves using big, complicated words and confusing people with random, off-the-wall subjects. He can be perverted at times. He's anarchist.

Hahenko Urooboene
Hahenko is a German-born UTAU. It's nearly imposable to make her furious, though she can get angry.
On the outside, she seems to be quiet and happy, always wanting to help, but on the inside, she's in quite a depression.
When she was 13, her little sister died, making her more reserved, and saddened, as she was very close to her (You can get her sister voice at flag g-12).
Since meeting Taisei, though, she's started coming out of her depression and making an effort to be friends with all her UTAU colleague. If she doesn't succeed in singing, she wants to be a Russian historian.

Taisei and Hahenko aren't regarded as human's, but as broken memories, as that is what their names mean.

Eh, so over excited, it's giving me a headache~
To learn more about my UTAUloids and download their voicebank's, please go to their blog [link]
For more technical information, visit their page on the UTAU wiki!
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they look kewl :O
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Why thank you~ (Even if their anatomy sucks >.<)
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your welcome :3
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they looks cool :D
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you're wellcome :3
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Oh boy, I've been recognized! lol
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