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Spike - Oh hey there!

Moar... VECTORS! :iconmoreapplesplz:

It's from "Elements of Harmony Part 1"

Well, this one I made so fast that I couldn't follow my cursor D:

Only 43 Friggin MINUTES!

And there's the speed vector video :3 [link]

MLP:FiM by :iconfyre-flye:
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i'll credit this :)
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is it ok if i use this? I'll credit you
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It's ok, you can use it :D
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Took me ages to find a Spike vector like this! Finally found it and used it here (credited) — [link]
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Awesome game you have there xD
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Used this here [link] let me know what you think. I credited you. Sorry if that's spammy
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Can i use this plz?
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just hand drew this
thanks for the subject :)
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Great job ~extreme-sonic, I really love it:)
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Can I use this in a comic?
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We can haz link to comic plz? :3
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Say hi, because "Hello!" is complicated enough!
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I have a question. I'm trying to vector an image, and I watched your speed vector video. How did you make the template (the original screenshot) disappear? I want to know that for the future when I finish the vector. Also, do you know how to make points? I'm still figuring Inkscape out, and I couldn't find any info on the fourms...

Great job BTW.
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