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AppleDash - Brohoof

Ohhhh! I so wanted to make that one :iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:

This one is from "Fall Weather Friends"

And actually, my first try to extend an image, since the legs/tails extended off-screen.

MLP:FiM by :iconfyre-flye:

Edit: Fixed the lack of the highlight on Applejack's eye.
Edit 2: Thanks to :iconklaxa:, he spotted some areas that needed fix. and I increased the thickness of Rainbow's dash hind leg, to look less awkward.
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I would like to use this, and telling you releives me of guilt.
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Sure, go ahead ^^
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hi may i plz use this?
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Im drawing this on paper i'm manly a hand drawer and this is a perfect picture.
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Glad you liked it for references :3
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do you mind if i use this? i'll need to crop it and take out apple jack, but is that ok?
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I used this for this [link] I flipped it though because I wanted them to be on the opposite sides.
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Whoops! That link doesn't work! Maybe this one will. [link]
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I used this vector to make this: [link]

If you don't mind /)
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This is used in Ponyhoof (Facebook application) as a brohoof icon
I love it! :D
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That's so... AWESOME /)^3^(\
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I changed my signature! :la:
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ima use this as mah icon,,,,FULL CREDIT 2 YOU!!if thats ok....
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