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Yes, I haven't uploaded content in a while, and although I do have some pretty sweet rendered pics ready to upload, I feel like it's not of a standard that deviantART expects or has to put up with... I don't have any real viable graphics tablet, nor do I have any watercolour [or drawing pencils for that matter], nor do I like the pollution that is around my general area, and so I can't generate content.
That said, I won't be using deviantART for uploading images until quite some time, unless I actually start producing image-based content which I may or may not, depending on what standard it's up it; Instagram is there to upload some horrible random pics, flickr is for "ultra" professional side of things, tumblr for the promotion of images from instagram, twitpic for the general everyday life pics and furaffinity is when I start creating furry images [which is very unlikely right now], and so deviantART really feels outdone..
However, really, everyone here has been awesome. Keep on contributing to this great website, and keep the community alive with the high quality content that you all produce!!
So, I'm going to continue whatever I'm doing right at the moment... Lurk me on github [guess]!
I've only been here for 3 months and I really thought that deviantArt was a community that was recently formed.. Little did I know that there have been some people on this since 2000; which gives me a feeling that there's so much on the internet that I'm missing out on.
This time, I will try to move away from my favorite digital photography and slowly progress to creating sketches; so my new focus is to create computer rendered photos/scenes and then try to actually do some sketches using a mouse. That way, I will have new content without having to go to ridiculous places just to get a decent looking photo...

With that, I will not upload any photographs for quite some time....

If you haven't already, check out Teejayyh's stuff:
If my life gets a little less complicated, I will put more content up. As for now, I will abandon deviantart for quite some time... I estimate that I will be completely inactive on DA for 3 months, but I will be creating content during this time....

I feel like drawing sketches and use deviantART for what it is...
Wow... In this month there have been solar flares, meteor showers and an annular eclipse. Usually May is a month that I usually forget about the year after but this year was and maybe still is quite epic :)
Hopefully, I might have a chance to see the Aquarids on mother's day :)
Sure it's about 2tb of data, but the pictures were just awesome.... I promised myself that I would restrict the photos that I upload to this year only, but since deviantart is so awesome, why not just find some pics and share?
Then just check out my favorites list... I honestly like the photos that I put on there (I'm not a bot or anything), I mean, landscape photos are awesome, but awesome is not the same as epic, and deviantART just have some of the most both EPIC and awesome landscape pictures.....
1. Get a real camera that isn't a digital point and shoot, or a phone
2. Go somewhere that's remote and where there's little human activity
Landscape photos on deviantART are all just epic :D Really thinking about going on holidays again, very inspired right now :)
Wonder if there is a deviantART sub community dedicated to minecraft :D
I've just noticed that the content here are primarily drawings...
My photos are usually accumulative, and I only plan to just dump my photos on deviantART once or so every year :)
Sup all deviantors, I've just created an account on deviantart for almost no apparent reason... But apart from my flickr account, what an awesome way to dump my landscape photos :) Please do not spam my wall/commentbox but if you desperately need someone to look at ur pics, go ahead, just post ONCE :D
Right now I don't know how deviantart works so don't blame me if I mess up badly :)