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The Streamer's Secret by FoxFire486
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Writing Prompt: The Wendigo's Curse (WG, Stuffing) :icondelicoustfs:delicousTFs 38 3
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 13)
    Bare feet on the cold, tile floor of a high school locker room—now that was a nostalgic sensation. The memories associated with the feeling may have been largely negative, but the whole situation held a warm familiarity nonetheless. Last time Vicki had set foot on a floor like this, it had been as an embarrassingly fat high-school student forced to take her clothes off in front of skinnier, prettier peers. Since then, a lot had changed, but the tiles were still cold, and she was still embarrassingly overweight.
    Heather finally broke the silence, shouting at her friends so that they could hear each other over the walls of their respective locker bays. "I'm, like, actually feeling really good about this now. I guess swimsuit shopping kind of reminded me how long it's been since I've actually set foot in the water."
    "Good!" Vicki huffed. "It'll be good for all of us to get some actual exercise for once."
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 118 27
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What Artist Would You Like to See me Study (for a little while) 

88 deviants said Ray-Norr
46 deviants said TheAmericanDream
44 deviants said Axel-Rosered
43 deviants said FoxFire
33 deviants said BedBendersInc
31 deviants said Kawaiidebu
29 deviants said Kastamel
28 deviants said Murdellicious
22 deviants said Aka-FA
21 deviants said Other (Please comment)
I bet you can


8 Random Facts about Candace Candy
I got tagged by a wild monitor lizard :icondelicoustfs: to do a thing called a 'meme'. Well, to make up for no chapter this week, on account of my wedding, here are eight random facts about Candace Candy, star of OVerFuel! To read her comic you can start at the cover page, here… .

Now, for the rules of this so called 'meme':
#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

And beholden to the rules, here are eight people. I'ma start with my Pathfinder group, and make them tell you about their awesome characters!
1: :iconbedbendersinc: and her elvish wizard with the booty that don't quit unless she's climbing a ladder, Zyndella
2: :icontheamericandream: and his masterful pirate whose great at raiding boats, and better at raiding ice boxes, Niree
3: :iconaka-fa: and his barbarian with a heart of gold and a shyness of a tsundere anime lead Milui
4: :iconkastemel: and his curious and bizarre alchemist, obsessed with change in all ways it grows something, Chrysalyn
5: :iconkorota37: and his gluttonous cleric of Alligiel, obsessed with continuous indulgence to point of immobility, Velura

Now that the party is all done, I'll also add in some other friends

6: :iconshindirafeh: and her land whale, LenWale- Hey, wait a minute!
7: :iconlatitude-lines: and his every sexy Wei
8: and lastly, :iconfoxfire486: because people asking him for info about Kiari is basically its own meme at this point

These are meant to be journals, but this is more fun!
OverFuel - Chapter One: Pg 6
Click Here to Support OverFuel and get Chapter One Now!
OverFuel - Chapter One: Cover by ExtraBaggageClaim<< First OverFuel - Chapter One: Pg 5 by ExtraBaggageClaim< Previous-- Next > Coming 17/08/18, 5pm Pacific

Page five of the comedy, weight gain fetish, superhero parody Comic I'm calling OverFuel! Want to know a little more about Candace's new powers? I bet she does, too! 

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             It's the things you don't expect that get you. When you let yourself go, things like growing out of clothes, or getting out of breath lose meaning, and become part of your life, but not the things you don't expect.
             Realizing I couldn't fit a belt I'd previously added holes to because I was too skinny for. That was the first moment of 'I guess I'm really fat now’  Second was the strange sensation of needing to pull rolls that carried on from my breasts up to fit into a bra.
             One of the hardest was discovering it was too hard to reach for me to feasibly masturbate with two hands, leaving one to clutch my breast. Or when I found myself needing to check the weight capacity on a ladder, hearing it shriek at my step, and finding it to be inadequate for my growing body.
             Most recently I realized I'd started to flop my gut aside to be able to masturbate at all, unsure of how long I've needed to make this concession to my vastness.
             In this little things I see in a sudden shock just how much I've let myself go. And for the briefest moments, I'm tempted to take action and stop. But so far, I've always grown to find another thing I didn't expect.
The Things You Don't Expect - WSS
Another Weekly Short Story for the Weekly Weigh In group. This week's prompt was 220 word story again, so here's a super short, tasty weight gain tidbit. If you want some more 220 word weight lit, I'll link one I did, and another from the group below:
Road Trip    Outside, high beams illuminated the wooded road that stretched before her. Inside, the dashboard clock was her only light: 1:34 AM. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, she rubbed sleepiness from her eyes. Breaking her gaze briefly, she indulged in a glance to the passenger seat.
    Her wife had passed out hours ago, fully reclined and exhausted from their long day. She took in the view a moment, not daring to look from the road for long. Switching hands on the wheel, she stretched her right out to meet her love’s belly, rising slowly and rhythmically with slumber. Biting her bottom lip, she began to caress the sleeping beauty. Her wife’s supple tummy stretched wide, gearshift to door handle. She rubbed delicately, left to right, in slightly circular motions. Her beloved’s cushy middle continued it’s gentle rise and fall.
    “Mmmm…” her partner moaned contentedly. Her wife didn’t wake, but took pleas
Jumping Off Point - Weekly Short StoryTags: BBW, WG, XWG, Very Short
               ‘Fit’. ‘In shape’. ‘Trim’. ‘Thin’. These words that had been used to describe her in high school, she knew even then, only had the thrill of a diving board. They were no place to stay, only a higher point from which to fall- to make the splash all the bigger.
               And she certainly splashed down. Like a diving board, she did not gracefully descend to obesity, but fell to it with purposeful impact.
               As soon as she could, she stopped moving, in all but the most necessary moments. She ate with ferocity and greedy gluttonous bites, for years on end. She knew that starving her body into the thin, wiry paragon of athletics she was had only given her body a hunger.
               Every part of her drank up the sheer exc
OverFuel - Chapter One: Pg 5
Click Here to Support OverFuel and get Chapter One Now!
OverFuel - Chapter One: Cover by ExtraBaggageClaim<< First OverFuel - Chapter One: Pg 3 by ExtraBaggageClaim< Previous-- Next > Coming 10/08/18, 5pm Pacific

Page five of the comedy, weight gain fetish, superhero parody Comic I'm calling OverFuel! That's right, this comic has as supporting cast! Betcha didn't see that coming! Unless you did, in which case... *shrug* You win, I guess.



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