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Rhiley Ender Cosplay: 2B Lingerie (Traditional) by Extinct-Doodles
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Rhiley Ender Cosplay: 2B Lingerie (Traditional) :iconextinct-doodles:Extinct-Doodles 49 3


C: Bob4Now1 by Aurora-Alamode
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The Queen has no Chill
Now before anyone says anything, I absolutely LOVE this new Rodan! He's my favorite incarnation out of all of the past ones, and by far the most presentable (I'm looking at you, Destroy All Monsters suit >w>). That being said, I totally called his being the hot headed pot of anger and spite that would be reigned in HARD by Ghidorah. Mothra may have fallen in the final battle, but to live on as a knee bending little bitch, I dunno Rodan LOL.

I like to imagine my kaiju as actors themselves sometimes. It's fun. It also leads to shenanigans like this.

Definitely more to come!!            
My girlfriend really liked King of the Monsters, and seeing as she's never seen a Godzilla movie in her life aside from 2014, I see this as an absolute win lol.
So been seeing a lot of stressed out peeps in the Godzilla fandom after the Rotten Tomatoes reveal for King of the Monsters. Honestly, guys, I'm not phased. Ever since Michael Dougherty started revealing more info about KOTM, I knew it would be a Final Wars 2.0, whacky subpar plot with BIG fights. And that's okay, that's what I wanted. America just doesn't have the experience or skill to make anything more from Godzilla, because they didn't grow up with the horrorific environment that led to Japanese filmmakers making the political satire/horror film, Gojira. That being said, STILL hyped to see the movie tomorrow!! Can't wait!!
Monsterverse FanDesign: Zilla, Tittanus Jira 'Jira
So, I know this spicy white boi has been a topic of controversy in the Godzilla fanbase for YEARS. But, I'm starting to see the fans mature, and accept him as his own thing, as a different godzilla that we only sometimes talk about, and honestly, with how fanbases get, I'm okay with that. Now, as for the Monsterverse, I felt like adding my own fan spin on things as I'll be drawing various Legendary titans. Old Toho bois will be redesigned and have altered lore to fit into Monsterverse's prehistoric ecosystem of titanic beings. The first of these will be Zilla, the 1998 Godzilla from Tristar. A humongous, mutated iguana in the film, made quite a few changes to fit into the universe. 

Titannus Jira 'Jira, known as Zilla to the world, is a not so distant cousin to the Godzila species. A North American subspecies of Godzilla of sorts, this megafauna bears many striking resemblance to the giant being that surfaced in 2014. This creature is a bit smaller, more thinly built, and overall less armored than the creature known as Godzilla. However, the radiation signals received from its whereabouts are nearly the same, albeit a bit less erratic, to its beefier counterpart. Dubbed Zilla, the titan shows itself to be a formidable creature, though its later, stronger counterpart trumps it in regards to being a King of Monsters. 

Zilla possesses less brute strength than Godzilla, but has a more agile fighting style. Able to jump, run more consistently, and react faster than the King. The atomic breathe that the creature possesses also has a green color, a stark contrast to Godzilla's blue. other known species that live near the Zilla genus are Gorosaurus, Kamoebas, and the elusive Gezora family. 
Just a heads up about this page. I know I've gotten a lot of Kaiju viewers now. i'm SO thankful. But, just a big ol' reminder that this is ALSO a NSFW page, so there will be some lewds and such. No lewd kaijus though, not about that life (although I have been commissioned to draw a few furries, dabbling into that cuz they have money lol. Will post limitations soon (like no MLP)). Mature content will have the filter, so just a heads up for future uploads. 
Hi all!! I know I don't have much reach, so not really worried at all about drowning in any sort of commissions while I work on my own stuff, but felt like posting this anyways so you can see on the off-chance you'd like to commission me c: I'm doing $10 digital commissions (Prime example would be 

Mature Content

Sinon -Alicization- by Extinct-Doodles
) and $5 traditional drawing commissions (

Mature Content

Rhiley Ender Cosplay: 2B Lingerie (Traditional) by Extinct-Doodles
 would be a perfect example). 

I'm gonna start with I think maybe 6 slots!! it's a small number, so don't be afraid to commission me c: main payment is paypal!


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Just a college student and part-time insurance worker with a shit ton of ideas, and an obsession with outfits and fashion somehow.
Art mainly consists of monster hunter, OC's, dragons, original beasts, outfits, and bondage. Anyone portrayed in my drawings that is real has given me full consent to posting their likeness as well as drawing them. Consent in bondage, both in real practice and on pencil and paper, is infinitely essential. 18+ content to come, be warned.

I'll be posting content involving my wonderful girlfriend. Thirst comments or vulgar ones in poor taste will result in being blocked and reported.


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Hey, I love your work and the way you portray Rodan. I'd love to see more of him getting angry at stuff, like maybe Challenging Mothra for non reason and all her responses are really light hearted and kind.

Also have you ever thought about doing anything Subnautica related?
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