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Butcherman ( V2)



..Aware, aware, you stalk your prey
With criminal mentality
You sink your teeth into the people you depend on
Infecting everyone, you're quite the problem
Fee-fi-fo-fum, you better run and hide
I smell the blood of a petty little coward

Jack, be lethal, Jack, be slick
Jill will leave you lonely dying in a filthy ditch

So could you
Tell me how you're sleeping easy
How you're only thinking of yourself
Show me how you justify
Telling all your lies like second nature
Listen, mark my words, one day
You will pay, you will pay
Karma's gonna come collect your debt...


So i wanted to revamp Butcherman. Make her more...Skelly like. Hows she look? c8 Better or?…
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Looks a bit less beasty, but pretty innteresting! Nice!