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CLOSED SPECIES: Piix Species Guide - Back!!



Hey all! bringing back the species!, it never really kicked off but i love their design and enjoy drawing them :)


 Piixs are a wolf type animal with earthly features. They have sticks growing out of their shoulder that acts lick living roots that enables a fruit to grow on the ends of the root. They have leafy tails and Leafy ears that soak up the moisture of the air that enables fruit to grow on their roots. They have Big Leafy manes that are not used for anything besides warmth when winter arrives since Piix are very sensitive to temperature change.
The Piix mane is the only thing not based off parent memories, mane runs in genetic like…. 4 generations ago your grandma has epic hair and 4 generations later the epic hair has returned through genetics and DNA.
Of a night their leaves set off a Soft glow that attracts fireflies, of a night all you see is glowing leaves with fireflies, it`s the most beautiful sight.


Piixs can only grow up in habitats were fruit and natural substances are horded around. They can only live around fruits in order to survive and attempt to make or find a strawberry,1 strawberry every 70 years but sometimes on occasions other unknown fruits may pop up.

 Breeding and mating

Piixs are different, when having an offspring it will not be based off colours from the parent but based off the memories of the sir and Dam. A Piix must have at least 10 memories of a fruit in order to breed that fruit. If a Piixs has 3 memories of a black berry and 7 memories of an apple and the mate has 5 memories of an apple and 5 memories of blackberries the memories will tally up so with the pair combined there is 8 memories of blackberries and 12 memories of an apple, the one with the most will be passed down to the offspring.
In order for a Piixs to make a strawberry offspring which is a legendary Piix that is Super rare one must find the strawberry that rarely occurs in the forest every 70 years, it is that special that only one Piix needs one memory of it out of the 2 mates and can have the legendary Strawberry offspring.


if domesticated from birth the Piix cannot have an offspring even if there is another one near. It cannot breed as it doesn`t have the vitamins in the air from the forest for it leaves on its tail to soak up and no Fuit memories to be able to make an offspring
if taken from the wild and made domestic it will keep its fruit on its root but will not be able to breed as it takes 10 fruit memories for each offspring and the right vitamins in the air


Piix live up to 65 years old and cannot live any longer or shorter even if you slice a Piixs head off before reaching the appropriate age the stems (vines) in their body will just re attach themselves and continue living but after the age hits the Piix will drop its fruit and become dirt on the ground so new fruit will grow.


Piixs can eat any types of fruits as their stomach can break it down to protein and minerals that helps grow their fruit, even leaves work  but leaves a gross taste in their mouths which they choose not to eat.
Many Piix need to eat as least 5 fruits a day in order to quench their hunger otherwise their fruit gets no nutrients and care that is needed.
Piix do need water but only to water their leaves on their tail and mane and is not required to drink it. They must go swimming at least once a day in a river or a deep puddle to keep their leave lush and green.

 Colors and patterns

Piix colours a based off the memories of their parents, for example: the parents saw a purple car drive past them in the forest, the offspring will have something purple on them from parents memories of that car as well as others such as Spring weather, Waterfall, Etc.

 Social Behaviour

Since Piix live in tribes their behaviour is very social and they express all their feelings weather they dislike each other or love someone, They are very open to their feelings and thoughts but some Piix’s attitude can be affected by the job they have in the tribe for example Searching for the Strawberry all day and come back all worn out and are too grumpy to socialize.



    ·       20 Centermiters  tall

    ·       15 Centermiters  length

    ·       10 Centermitres  width

    ·        No claws

    ·        Can be any colour

Action prices

each common trait is 20:points:, each uncommon is 33:points: each rare is 50:points:, each Legendary is 75:points: alll these will be added to the SB price on an auction depending what trait rarities there are.

Common - 30 :points:
Uncommon - 40:points:
Rare - 55:points:
Legendery - 75:points:
Epic - 100:points:

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