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Zune'd Animated Cursors Set

A Zune themed animated cursor set!

Updated (10.19.2011)
+ Made the colors brighter.
+ Reduced the frames per second, making the animations smoother.
+ Some general polishing.

- Right click on .inf file and select install.
- Open Mouse properties and go to pointers.
- Find the Zune'd cursors in the the drop down.

© 2011 - 2021 exsess
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it doesnt give me an option to install it when i right click, can someone help me out on this..

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You single left click on install.inf first, then right click, it will appear. Which operating systtem are you using?

No you rightclick the name

:DD Beautiful :DD

yo man i like itt soooo much but can i get it without the animation pls tysm <3

is there a version thats not animated? for example i wanted a cursor just like this, but only red

Is it possible to make a blue version of this? cursor looks great just not a big fan of red

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Thank you! I'm using on windows 10 in 2020. Still looks great and works perfect.

Finally found that, yay

Good cursor btw, thank ya

Can you make a blue version please! ty ;D

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Thank you so much! <3

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Can't find download link

Can you give us a bigger version of this one?

Really nice design

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Thanks bro!

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