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Metro X3 Cursors (Update Two)

General Info
Back by popular demand...
Actually, I just finally got around to being able to spend some time with building X3 :)

For those of you who have been waiting and wanting more colors... HERE IT IS!! YAYYY!!
This version has minimal animations (only the 'busy' and 'working' cursors) and includes Windows 8's full range of core accent colors.
Leave a nice comment or constructive feedback and enjoy!

Update Two: Nov 7, 2013
+ Improved crispiness and general graphics of all cursors
+ Applied Update One changes to all cursors
+ Changed help cursor from a ! to a ?
+ Made Light cursors truly light without visibility issues on certain backgrounds

Update One (for Bold set only): Nov 3, 2013
+ Improved roundedness and crispiness of Busy cursor.
+ Changed Working cursor to a less obnoxious, clean icon and animation.

In Progress
- Left handed versions
- Ability to customize/mix-and-match your cursors
- Smaller, mini version
- Classic, flat aero version

- Right click on a .inf file located in any one of the folders (ex: Bold->Crimson->Install.inf)*
- Select install
- Open Mouse Properties in the Control Panel and go to the pointers tab
- Find the Metro X3 cursors (ex: "Metro X3 Bold-Crimson") in the drop down and select it**
- Hit apply, then okay
- Leave a comment, fav, and enjoy!

*You can install more than one cursor set at a time!
**The fps in the mouse properties' preview is much slower/choppier than its actual speed.

- Open Mouse Properties in the Control Panel and go to the pointers tab
- Select the set you want to remove
- Select "Delete" next to the "Save as" button
- Hit apply, then okay
- Navigate to (default) C:/Windows/Cursors/Metro X3 by exsess and delete the cursor set's folder you want to remove
- Make a frowny face :(
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Has anyone not realized by now that the install INF files for the light cursors are the same ones as the ones for the bold cursors except for the Light Amber and Light Black cursor schemes? I could not figure out why they were not installing until I looked at the two files side by side. I'm installing the cursors on Windows 11. I just wanted some variety and something that could follow my themes.

By the way, I noticed that the INF file Light Stealth Black was wrong in a different way.

awesome cursors but I think they are a bit to big, i might make a resize pack with a few size options if I have your permission?

Oo nice cursors pack!

Like it

i always feel its the best

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Thanks for this. I've been using Metro X for a few years now. first time I saw this version :D

simply wonderful, thank you very much

thanks~more customized

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Thanks for sharing these amazing mouse cursors👍

I'am using them in my office and at home.

Simply design but elegant.

why is the link select not green

Not a real deal with high resolution screen. 2K has already made it so blurrrr

You got my respect mate, thanks!

thanks a lot! These are my favourite

No install button on right click. How to install?

Great Cursors, Thank you!

love the style and color variety.

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Great job man........

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