Please Define Normal For Me

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The teacher stands
before the class,
a ruler in one hand.
She taps the board
and pulls out a marker,
writing in black ink
one word.

define normal for me."

Not a sound.
Not a peep.
All the students do is stare,
glassy eyed and hardly there.

Once again she taps the board.
"Wake up,
Class is still in session."

Students yawn,
blink their eyes.
They look again at the board.

She writes her question down.

"Please define 'normal' for me."

No one dares to raise a hand,
but at least they are awake.

The timid girl, who sits in the back,
her hair dyed brightly purple and green,
barely dares to raise a hand.
"Ma'am, do you mean,
from the dictionary?"

The teachers smiles,
looks at the class.
"No, I don't,
I'm afraid.
I mean to ask,
what does normal
in terms of people's tastes.
What is a normal person,

It's plain to see,
in the faces of the "popular"
what they'd like to say.
But no one wants to offend
this amazing teacher,
or make her think they deserve a nasty grade.

"I don't think..."
begins the smart boy,
who most people hate,
the one that sits in seat number eight,
right in the front.
"I really don't think
there is such a thing.
There's no such thing
as a normal person."

The teacher grins,
her eyes wide and bright.

She erases everything on the board,
and then she writes,
"The definition of
does not exist.
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Based half on English class and half on lit.

Also, the teacher is sort of one of my OCs, Ame, when she gets a little older, after college and everything.
I wanted to say miss instead of ma'am, but she'd be married.

Oh, and I just have to say about Ame... She was one of the weird ones. She was "emo" but not really. And she had no friends at the beginning of the book...

But, anyway. The boy she had worshiped since 5th grade becomes her bf.
And in the first chapter his original girlfriend slaps Ame.

And, oh my gods, that makes it sound like a high school romance book!!!!!

It's not.
Read THIS --> [link]
It's about another of the characters. My fav. :heart:

50 favs?!
HOLY HELL! (And why do I always say that? Hell isn't holy. Far from it.)
Anyway- HOLY HELL!!! 60 FAVS!!!!

Also, since I'm graduating from my school this year I need to give a speech, so I'm fairly positive this will be the main chunk of my speech.
Well, the teachers read our speech drafts today and I am apparently NOT doing this.
Instead I'll be doing the speech about my writing and how it's been me since around 3rd grade.
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RexaArt|Student General Artist
This is absolutely perfect.
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ReemDa|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Enjoyed reading this so much, well written
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AspiredWriter|Hobbyist General Artist
interesting. i have to disagree but nice idea.
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ExquisitelyExplicit's avatar
Thank you.
And of course--I would never expect everyone to agree with me
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AspiredWriter|Hobbyist General Artist
that's good 'cause it would have been foolish to assume we all think alike :lol:
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ExquisitelyExplicit's avatar
Yeah, really.
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This a wonderful poem. I like the story and the beat is great. Nice job.
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CAT-Keats|Student Artist
This is great! :)
Lol in the middle somewhere a wors rhymed with another and I went back to the start to figure out if I'd missed any rhymes. :D
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pizzadone| General Artist
well. that is me in the front row, right there. Me and my friends would have spoken right up.
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As a totally abnormal person, I love this....
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Sounds like something my English teacher would do...
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ExquisitelyExplicit's avatar
Your English teacher is more awesome than mine.
But I totally wish Ame was my English teacher...
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this is good!
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ExquisitelyExplicit's avatar
Thanks! :)
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LetsSaveTheUniverse|Student Filmographer
Featured! [link] :la:
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ExquisitelyExplicit's avatar
Thanks! :iconeleventhdoctorlaplz:
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LetsSaveTheUniverse|Student Filmographer
I really love this one! I can see why it's your most popular poem!

I really like it's irregularity. You could even say it reflects the theme of the poem, of 'abnormality', in the way that it's written. Don't get me wrong, I love this poem, I mean it in a good way; I think it's wonderful!

Sorry. I recently did my final English Lit exam, and I've been analyzing poems for weeks now. >.<
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Thank you so much! :hug:

Haha, that's all right. I wrote this during the poetry unit at school. :)
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why does the teacher write on the board in ink? and then how does she erase it?
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It's a Whiteboard, silly! Don't they use those at your school?
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Whiteboards! [link]
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awesome poem. I really like that its not about the rhyming or similies, it just outright says what you mean. i love it. and I agree, its "normal" (haha) for writer's to talk to their characters in their heads. Usually when something major happens to me, its like i consult all my fave characters and see what their different reactions would have been. Actually, I think its what has made me more confident. :) WRITING IS AWESOME>>>>
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