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Self Portrait (wips) by ExquisitelyExplicit Self Portrait (wips) :iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 3 2
Character Creation Music Meme
To begin, put your music player on shuffle. Just listen during each song. Afterwards, pause or repeat the song as you write the description or story. In each section, write the artist and title of the song.
1. Protagonist one:
  Title of song~
  Description of character~
2. Protagonist two:
  Title of song~
  Description of character~
3. Antagonist:
  Title of song~
  Description of character~
4. Important secondary character: (You can add as many of these as you want)
  Title of song~
  Description of character~
5. Title taken from a line of lyrics:
  Title of song~
6. Plot inspired by song:
  Title of song~
Now write the proposed first page!
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 111 13
Dead Souls
Poets have the
deadest souls
because there are
words there
paper dry.
Poets have the
warmest souls
because paper
and it burns bright.
Poets have the
deadest souls
because words
have meaning
what they mean
and sometimes it just
takes our breath away
to fall into the
endless wells and pits
that hold the syllables
that flow so endlessly
from our parched lips.
Words mean something
with a death penalty
on your head.
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 16 2
Something Scientific
I fell in love with the
end of an era
like bicycle chains
and bottles of
Long walks on beaches
all covered in rocks
there's something
that's holding us back.
Like tides pulling
in and out
under the moon's
watchful gaze,
cherry popsicles
and carbonated
Children come home
all scrapped
and bruised
from picking up
and soccer ball blues.
There's something
about memories
in the brain
lighting storms
and torrential rain.
When the
end of an era
our histories back
to where we belong
we'll sit on the couch
and toast to
our homes.
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 14 5
Stars and Cigarettes
We stand apart
and cross our hearts
and swear to never tell
the secrets that
stars and cigarettes
can impart.
We fly like gods
across the skies,
and shooting stars.
To leave the Earth behind,
our celestial home,
would be a journey
that dreams are made of.
To fly with the moon
and far beyond
is better known
by man or beast
than our own home.
Drug store loose change,
quarters on the counter.
Smoke signals
tell a warning,
cooling in the air.
Snakes of the mind
undulate and restrict
in ways we cannot define.
When you fight
the thing that kills you
before you die
it's like seeing the future.
Save someone else
to suffer your own fate.
All the lovely dancing girls
smile for the camera.
Faith is numbered
beyond the stars
in violin strokes
and ways we say our prayers.
The churches that we follow
may be in buildings
or inside our hearts,
so long as they bring us solace
and wisdom to relate.
Star light
star bright
the last star
we see tonight
is only the first
speck of ligh
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 18 10
i'm homesick for an imaginary place
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 14 12
cloudy sky
starry night bright
the world relies
on your strength
on your shoulders we rely
moonless evening
pelting hail
atlas shrugs
storm clouds ripple
men stare in silence
at nature's
and atlas held
the world
and reminded us
that we could be safe
beneath his reaching
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 8 2
A Portrait of Self in Letters and Lines
There's a dent in my nose,
constellations around my eyes
and scars
on my knees
and thighs.
There's a pitch in my voice
that you'd only ever hear
when electrostatic
carry my lips
to your ears.
There's a beat in my heart,
a weight in my lungs,
cracks on my
fingers and thumbs.
Naïvety reigns
in the darkest corners
that it still manages to hide.
Under average,
over age-ed,
future is... waiting.
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 10 8
Find Your Way
My heart is wandering
along an endless road
my dear won't you help me see?
I'd love to help you
but I'm afraid that I
am just as lost as you,
trapped out to sea.
I wish that I was not afraid,
I wish that I was not so hidden
from myself.
I wish that I was not adrift
I wish that we were not so far
from our goals,
but oh (oh, oh)
It looks like
we're just
far apart.
I wish that I could find my way
(I could find my way)
And we could close our eyes
(Close our eyes)
And there we could be standing
Hand in hand.
Sometimes I think
that we're just in
a hopeless mess
of mystery.
Sometimes I know
my dear
that we were meant to be
And other times
I wonder what
all this heartache is to me.
It looks like
we're just
far apart.
I wish that I could find my way
(I could find my way)
And we could close our eyes
(Close our eyes)
And there we could be standing
Hand in hand.
You'll find your way to me.
And you will find yourself
with me.
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 7 8
the unpredictable
f l i c k e r i n g
nature of flame
draws us in
pulls us out.
your hair crackles red
you are the question
of why
without an answer.
you are the light
in the dark
without ever
meaning to be.
when asked for directions,
you deliver—
unpredictable wildfire,
a force of nature.
lighting on an empty plane.
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 10 11
Prologue--Once Upon a Moonless Midnight
The wind whistled along the wall, searching for cracks that it could slide into and chill the bodies sleeping inside. It made its way across the side before sliding away across the brush lands, mostly unsuccessful in its task. For that evening at least, the dreamers’ wings and lusts and successes were left in peace.
Some men were not so lucky. One stood at the top of a corner tower of the castle, where the walls towered high above the ground, his body shivering beneath his cloak and thick scarf. Even above the layers of fabric, his metal breastplate chilled him. He shuffled uncomfortably on his nerveless feet, feeling like he was attached to two clumsy blocks of ice where his boots should have been, and shifted the spear from one hand to the other. It was really a silly weapon, very ceremonial. Against an attack, it wouldn’t have done much good . . . He had a sword at his side, but so high up it didn’t do much better than the spear—at least he could chuck the sp
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 6 11
Hand-Me-Down Hurricanes
She was born in a disaster zone
on the 12th of never
and it stretched
through into forever.
She aged like a firework,
all sparkles and bright lights,
went out with a bang,
falling into ash
and nothing at all.
Tornadoes adorned her hair
and earthquakes were her shoes
and she wore
hand-me-down hurricanes
from her mother like
warm woolen sweaters.
Raindrops glistened
instead of jewels.
She courted conflict
and it loved her
like all the times
her father slapped her.
She didn't know affection
from anything but
the back of a hand,
enveloped in self-destruction.
She found herself
in monsters
on the screen
bold in black and white
because everything
was shades of gray
to her color blind mind.
She was a whirlwind
to the eye, only a
in the lives of the
ephemeral men
whose only sin
was never knowing
just where to begin.
She was a force of nature and
took note of that,
played her role with
reckless abandon.
And she danced in the rain,
embraced all of herself,
engulfed in those
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 9 2
Candy and Wine
Don't let me count the times
in my mind
when your presence
d i s c o r d a n c e
like candy and wine
bitter sweet and sour
the ache
on the back of my teeth
and you were
t h e r e.
Like lemon drops
the way dew drops
have no taste.
And the sweetest discipline
that ever could be
was to count the ways
you marched through time
but always landed
And on your
f e e t.
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 9 5
Pen/Marker Challenge by ExquisitelyExplicit Pen/Marker Challenge :iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 5 15
Decline of Sanity
    His creeping fingers dance along the nape of my neck and I shudder and squirm beneath his icy gaze, his spindly appendages.
    The personification of Loki as my troubles is perhaps not the most appropriate use, but fitting in its own way, unpleasant and uncomfortable. It was not necessarily a choice to use him either.
    I’ve always been a thief—as a child I was somewhat intrigued by the possibility of being a kleptomaniac even if I never was brave enough to go through with it. Mostly toys that other children never missed, or wouldn’t have if I had really taken them.
    And I stole him too, right out of someone else’s mind. I don’t know if I knew it or not at the time, but what’s done is done and I can no longer banish him from my head. He holds my heart in a twisted way, squeezing the muscle, creeping through my ribs as he searches for the strings to pull t
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 6 3
Famous People
Famous people make me want to scream. Famous people make me want to rip my face off and throw it to a flock of seagulls, like the ones in the third Indiana Jones movie.
Because I am nothing. Like a splatter of blue ink on a blue line of a sheet of college ruled paper upon which you are writing in black, I am nothing.
Famous people make you unimportant because when they share their troubles, they are brave--but when I do it I am whining.
And, truthfully, this too is even a whine, a shriek, a scream at the world for making me feel this way.
The fact that you're not important till your face is on a tabloid or a movie poster or an album and you have at least one drug-, sex-, or motor vehicle scandal to your name saps my energy like I've been crying for three hours--and just maybe I have.
No one should have to worry about being famous. It's good and it's bad, you get a lot of attention but it's like you're an insect under the collective microscopes that belong to every person who acts like
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 3 4
A lot of this is good, but doesn't get much attention. And then some of the other stuff that I don't think is all that brilliant does.
Some one please explain?

Random Favourites

WS sketch 02 - SUIT-UP by luckyraeve WS sketch 02 - SUIT-UP :iconluckyraeve:luckyraeve 514 31 WS by luckyraeve WS :iconluckyraeve:luckyraeve 428 46 Capster and Bee Dubbs by luckyraeve Capster and Bee Dubbs :iconluckyraeve:luckyraeve 335 17 captain america - 21st century fashion by shorelle captain america - 21st century fashion :iconshorelle:shorelle 766 43
You say that you are dangerous
with your dark eyes
staring out from chestnut streams
pouring down
from the whirling tide
of your hair
and I am completely unconvinced
that the risk
is anything less than
worth it.
My hands
have never trembled
in their hopeful search
for you,
my skin has never feared
a collision with your own
and I
have felt your passion
and you
have tasted my emotion
and that foreboding
never mattered less
then when we are together.
Maybe it's a risk,
this specter always chasing you,
but all this life
is little more than a gamble
and the emptiness
of your absence
is far more terrifying
than the threat
that hounds you now
and I
have never been much
for surrender
when the cause is worth the feud.
And if your lips
crave not of my kiss
and if your mind
no longer constructs my face
from the jigsaw of the stars
then run,
run from me
and never look back
and never hold me
in the warmth
of those beautiful, amber eyes
like summer sunsets
on the white sands
of your cheeks...
:icondreamsinstatic:dreamsinstatic 5 4
Bon Apetite
Shatter teeth upon my spine
gnawing beast-
                           M      I
Voracious gullet gobbling
at MY seasons.
the bitter taste of sorrow
in my flesh.
:iconsleenthebeast:SleentheBeast 2 0
The Poetress by FidisART The Poetress :iconfidisart:FidisART 62 15 Moreki by vesssel Moreki :iconvesssel:vesssel 193 11 Rhiannon by Melissa-light Rhiannon :iconmelissa-light:Melissa-light 17 8 commission - Vanescence by Fukari commission - Vanescence :iconfukari:Fukari 4,250 76 Ghoul Gang Character Design by DaveJorel Ghoul Gang Character Design :icondavejorel:DaveJorel 26 0 I'm A Wolf by joliealicia I'm A Wolf :iconjoliealicia:joliealicia 15 2 Not Recommended by jlechuga Not Recommended :iconjlechuga:jlechuga 27 3 Cant name it ....mmm imaginative!!!! by Tudalia Cant name it ....mmm imaginative!!!! :icontudalia:Tudalia 125 26
[transmissions of a dead girl]
i am the
moon: i am
the silver pill
your throat
to weigh down
into leaden eyes--
i am the
moon: lover
of the dark.
the stars are
all dead in their
twinkling dance--
you'll be safe, dear,
as i am the moon,
with all of their
you're alright.
(i am good bye and yet,
you think only of romantic
i am the moon.
i am the crescent
looking dead--
and dead altogether,
i still die.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 225 82
fashion - Lua P by mad-smile fashion - Lua P :iconmad-smile:mad-smile 67 9
These are the pictures I've found that I've liked so much that I want to keep them around to look at more often.
We just registered for classes today and OMG IM SO EXCITED THO.
There was no more room in either section of Intro Topics in Creative Writing so my first year advisor, who is also head of the English department, signed off for me to go into the Fiction Writing workshop I which is a 200 level course!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I'm also taking Film studies I, cultural anthropology, and a graphic novel class which is my "FYS" section (First year seminar, it's like an introduction to college style class). Then I have two partial credits in film festival, where we watch a movie Sunday afternoons and write a response piece to be turned in later, and the literary magazine staff.

My earliest class on Tues/Thurs is 9:30 but on Mon/Wed/Fri I don't even have anything until 10.

Yes, this is definitely what I wanted when I came to college.

:heart: from Coe College

PS Everyone should read Ready Player One it's fucking gorgeous as fuck.
I'm really enjoying Death Note. Although I read all the books, like, way too many times, I've never watched it until now. I'm like 1/3 of the way through already omg, it's great.
  • Reading: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
  • Watching: Death Note


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My name's Ariella, but you can call me Ari. :)
I'm a writer by trade, and some day I hope to have my work published. (After, of course, I spend something like what feels like half of my life editing it. ;_; )
I've written several books so far, but I'm always working on at least one more.

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