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Cherry Blossom Tattoo

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I found the design on a tattoo blog site, so to be honest I'm not sure who the artist acually is. But I did add the Characters myself. They mean "Eternal Love".

I claim zero rights the design itself, and the picture was done by my very "thrilled" father:giggle:

Still have to go back in two weeks to have the blossoms filled in a bit more;)
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lol I was searching cherry blossoms and I found there original here on the site: [link]

Looks really good.

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The artist is : [link]

I know I have the same one, but i customized it :)
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Beautiful! Simple but gorgeous! :D :) :D
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Nice clean tattoo, good work.

Design could be [link] :D
I have the same cherry blossom branch.. :-D .I dont have the japonez symbols :D
Sory for my english :D
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This is sooooooo pretty. :)
You need to put a pick up of it with the flowers more detailed, so we can see what it looks like now! after its been like a year
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sooooo gorgeous! i love cherry blossoms :)
how long have the dude that did that one work whit tattoing
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Oh wow, that's amazing. I'm going to get cherry blossoms too when i have the money, except i'm getting them on my hip going across my side and up a little bit. They look amazing though! ^__^
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Great Tattoo.
Do you happen to have the web address for that Tattoo Blog site?
I'm looking for some inspiration for my first real tattoo. I have three tattoos at the moment, but I did them all myself using a sewing needle and black pen ink. But I'm going to get a professional one done for my 21st birthday and I want it to be perfect.
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Gorgeous. I love it it has such character and the Asian characters add the perfect touch.

Great art on your lovely canvas
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That's very pretty.
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Havent seen you on for a while, just stopped by to say here goes "hey" :D Hope all is well...
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It's looking good hon!!
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it's very beautiful. hey i've got a question about tattooing. my friend bri wants me to give her one... i've practiced and i know how to use a gun but have never actually done one... what should i expect?
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I'm getting one that says made in china on my foot
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Thats awesome :giggle: How long will it last? I've heard that they get worn very quickly and only last a few months?
starrysurrealism's avatar
yeah, which is why I am debating on where I should get it ... -_-
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That is beautiful :wow:
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