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Avantgarde - Unique
Pripyat Amusement Park 1 by Soyja
queen by 1000voltt
Phenomenon by hungarou
Lake Louise British Columbia by KerryB1957
Untitled (acrylic on canvas) by aozr
Others' voices by agnes-cecile
Tors by KatiDobrogo
Impressionism - Fauvism - Painterly Art
Rainy day by Viaroche
The Putrid Morning Light by offermoord
Dusk 2013 by center555
Garden by MoritzMiessl
Surrealism-Symbolism- Magic Realism
The Only One That Was Willing by thinhnguyenart
The Song of Whales by yanadhyana
Untitled by sandersblack
Crucible by jslattum
Naturalism - Realism- Romanticism
Almost Over by DeLumine
I'm Not Dead Yet by DeLumine
Desideria by mainloop
Olive Nude by robrey
Cubism - various kinds of Abstraction
dreaming with a cat by rodulfo
Red Black And White Blotches With A Hint Of Green by Han-Wik
Mutual Appropriation by UltieArts
Ballerina by merpagigglesnort
Popart - Streetart - Youthculture
Full Wildstyle piece by Viper627
starry night after vincent van gogh naive art rafi by shharc
Birds of Pearl by abcartattack
Roaring Lion by ART-BY-DOC
Dada - Provocative - Critical- Political
sin titulo. by luanayue

Mature Content

Never Wait in Vain by Sloppygee

Mature Content

Nightmares by DanHenk
Independent Beauty by Sloppygee
Art Nouveau - Art Deco
Fly me to the moon by Carnegriff
Dust to Dust by defectivebarbie
Breeze II by jane-beata
Golden age by Raipun
Whiteout (apple blossoms) by christopheberle
amazing sculptures
Jack Rabbit for Migizii by artistladysmith
not identified - teamsubbies

Mature Content

Folded by Life-takers-crayons



:heart: we love art, its that simple. nothing much to add :D.

cofounders are active; contributors are cofounders that are not here at the moment but will come back. :heart:








hello visitor :tighthug:!


:bulletblue::bulletblue:MEMBERSHIPREQUEST (-->read that tutorial:…)::bulletblue::bulletblue:

- looking at the statistics, you will most probably be declined, so please WATCH us if you like the group! Reason: The more members with other artforms, the more nonrelevant submissions we get, and that takes away the time to finde and appriciate amazing artworks that suit into the group.

:bulletred: that means: for becoming a MEMBER you must have at least 3 works that would be accepted to the group -->

:bulletblue::bulletblue:SUBMISSION STANDARTS::bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletblue:- CATEGORY: must fit in one or more categories
--> must NOT be: fanart (but we DO accept popart-portraits of famous people to the popart folder), replication, skech, illustration, collage, artisan-craft, digital art, photography, literatur (some of those are added to our faves)

:bulletblue:- MEDIA:
must be made with traditional media(!!!)

:bulletblue:- QUALITY OF ART:
must have an overall high standart also in comparison to the rest of your own gallery (impact, idea, composition, painting-technique, colour-choice,... ) many of these standarts of corse depend on the genre. an expressionistic artwork deserves different standarts than a naturalistic one. we know that there are artist that are so great, that every line they draw is pure genious. so if you're someone like that, please be aware that we are more critical with your submissions.

:bulletblue:- QUALITY OF UPLOAD:
- image must be: cropped, sharp, good contrast/saturation, nice in size! and please: no too obvious watermark! (watermarks are ok, but they should be subtle and delightfull ;))

:bulletblue:- SIMILARITY:
we want variety and present a good range of your art, so we do not accept similar artworks of yours or we take our right to delete the older one in case we prefere your newer work. if somebody loves your art he/she will go to your gallery to look at the rest of your series.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: BEGINNERS/ NON-TRADITIONAL-ARTISTS /FANARTISTS/ WANNABEs/ LURKERS/ and all the other wonderfull art apriciators without submissions out there --> if you like the group and do not paint/draw (or just started) what suits into the galleries, we invite you to WATCH US!! as a watcher you can see all the artwork submitted to the galleries and also attend the contests we hold :heart:. We see you as a wonderfull part of this group and appriciate you being here :hug:.

:bulletblue:SUBMISSION PROCESS:bulletblue::

- 1 deviation per WEEK is accepted (chose wisely)
- your submissions need 3 votes to pass
- you are invited to ask for decline-reasons, but be aware that we are honest.

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: please look at the FAVES! sketches, tutorials and great art from other artists goes into FAVES. it is no dump, we also vote on them!!

Weekly Stats

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Dear Members, Watchers, Affiliates

I figur out how to reactivate to group. We are definately in need
for qualified teammembers who want to be an active part of the group.

you need to be
... painting / drawing traditionally
... a member / qualified for becoming a member (how to become a member --> expressionimpression.deviantar… )
... be aware of our folder system, the quality requirements and know where to put paintings/drawings
... show us 5 to 10 Paintings from your faves etc. you would add to the group, and to which folder

I decided to close submissions now to avoid more furstration. we will reopen as soon as possible, in the meantime, HQ-Works will still be added to the group by the team (the part of it that is still existing).

all the best,
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Group Info

This groups purpose is to collect traditional paintings, drawings & sculptures and to get interesting artists together. It should make it more easy to finde high quality through a better category-system:

:bulletblue: Expressionism
:bulletblue: Impressionism -Fauvism- Painterly Art
:bulletblue: Naturalism - Realism
:bulletblue: Surrealism -Symbolism
:bulletblue: Hyperrealism
:bulletblue: Cubism - various Abstraction
:bulletblue: Art Nouveau
:bulletblue: Popart - Youthculture
:bulletblue: Dada- Critical - Political - Provocative
:bulletblue: Avantgarde - Unique


:bulletblue: Expressionism
- subjective feeling is more important than physical reality
- ranges from figurative to abstract as long as it's expressive

inspirations: Dix, Kandinski, Kirchner, Klee, Kokoschka, Marc, Munch, Schiele, etc.

:bulletblue: Impressionism
- the "impression" of the world (nature etc.) is important
- the colours are in the forground. mostly paintings
- light, shadows, reflections
- characteristics: short brushstrokes, paint is directly added to the canvas and mixed there

inspirations: Cassatt, Degas, Gaugin, Monet, Pissaro, Renoir, Van Gogh,

:bulletblue: Fauvism
- the colour is used as subject of a personal experience/impression of a situation. in contrary to the expressionistic movement positive feelings are also transported.
-strong colours, reduction of the 3dimensional room and often figurative images

inspirations: Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck, Dufy, Marquet, Rouault, Van Dongen, Friesz, Braque

:bulletblue: Painterly Art
We also accept artworks that don't fit exactly into impressionism or fauvism but show the same virtuous painterly character.

:bulletblue: Surrealism
- dreamlike, contains subcontious symbols, ...

inspirations: Chirico, Dali, Ernst, Magritte etc.

:bulletblue: Symbolism
- parallels to the movement of art nouveau and surrealism. seen as the inbetween movement of impressionism and expressionism
-often works with mytholocial or biblical allegories, topics as dream, exstasy, feelings etc.

:bulletblue: Cubism
- the painted objects are broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled in an abstracted form
- you can for excample see the profil of a face and both eyes at the same time.
- abstract paintings that base on gemoetric forms

inspirations: Braque, Gris, Picasso, ...

it is also possible that some abstract images go into the expressionistic category. it is all a matter of content and feeling.

:bulletblue: Hyperrealism
as realistic as anyhow possible. Nothing more, nothing less. everything less realistic will not be accepted into that folder.

:bulletblue: Art Nouveau
is characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly stylized, flowing curvilinear forms. also mythological images are part of it. Art Nouveau is an approach to design according to which artists should work on everything from architecture to furniture, making art part of everyday life.

inspirations: Mucha, Beardsley, Chéret, Bilibin, Adams

:bulletblue: Popart - Youthculture
All popular contemporary art, might also contain modern asian youthcultur influences. (we don't want to collect random manga-artworks, but we are open for impressive images from that direction as well!)

:bulletblue: dadaism - Provocative - Critical- Political:
contemporary artworks that are eighter provocative, critical, political or disturbing in any way. topics are war'n conflicts, abuse, media, politics, cultur, business etc. but also just very disturbing contemporary dark images that don't fit into expressionism or surrealism. we also accept "nonsense" works in a dadaistic manner ;).

For a deeper explanation and excamples look at the folder itself.

:bulletblue: Avantgarde - Unique

contemporary artowrks that eigher strike through creativity, technic, vision etc. or overall uniqueness that has not been invented in a similar way yet. there might be influences of surrealism, expressionism, or anything else but its just too different to put it into that folder.


If you're not sure which folder to chose, just submitt to the "not identified yet" :heart:

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Oil on panel, 'Aliza' by lucong Oil on panel, 'Aliza' :iconlucong:lucong 1,629 150 funnies by cberoth funnies :iconcberoth:cberoth 3 0 My heart like a pencil by barankamiloglu My heart like a pencil :iconbarankamiloglu:barankamiloglu 15 3 chair by blind-awakening chair :iconblind-awakening:blind-awakening 176 26 Sova by VanessaLemen Sova :iconvanessalemen:VanessaLemen 352 74 Fire by HiroDaZero Fire :iconhirodazero:HiroDaZero 29 16 Light Stream by francis-livingston Light Stream :iconfrancis-livingston:francis-livingston 3,021 121 The Blue Door by George-Pratt The Blue Door :icongeorge-pratt:George-Pratt 12 0 Itchy - 01 by gunnmgally Itchy - 01 :icongunnmgally:gunnmgally 3,101 91 Soyez by snailskin
Mature content
Soyez :iconsnailskin:snailskin 29 9
Studio di testa 13 by robertofaiola Studio di testa 13 :iconrobertofaiola:robertofaiola 119 10 My Days Are Swift by Solon-Fyre My Days Are Swift :iconsolon-fyre:Solon-Fyre 33 5 ...andiamo anche noi by Carlo-Bettoli ...andiamo anche noi :iconcarlo-bettoli:Carlo-Bettoli 5 1 Blindness part 2 by Godyte-z Blindness part 2 :icongodyte-z:Godyte-z 7 0 Homage to Bulgakov by s-caruso Homage to Bulgakov :icons-caruso:s-caruso 343 42 Maleducados-2006 by s-caruso Maleducados-2006 :icons-caruso:s-caruso 1,456 239
we have several collections:

- featured favourites also from dead accounts (suggest only other artists, not your own works to that category)

- old masteres replications --> expressionimpression.deviantar…
- good tutorials --> expressionimpression.deviantar…
- amazing sketches --> expressionimpression.deviantar…
- great digital paintings --> expressionimpression.deviantar…
- mandalas and psychedelic art --> expressionimpression.deviantar…
- traditional illustrations --> expressionimpression.deviantar…
- the Each Member 1 ID-collection --> expressionimpression.deviantar…


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