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Incomparable :iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 1 1
Seeing the world through rose tinted shades,
Feeling like the past held better days.
Nostalgia is churning deep inside,
Whispering to me comforting lies.
Bittersweet tears roll down my face
Wistful longings that only I can taste.
Were things really better back in the day?
Or is it the present that I cannot face?
You can't move on when you're stuck in the past,
The pain of your loss will surely not last.
Life is not worse than it was yesterday
Despite the deception of rose tinted shades.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 0 0
Locked inside
I am trapped inside my head,
My thoughts I cannot escape.
Imprisoned, my wrists held my chains,
My heart, it starts to race.
There's so much that I would have to say
If I wasn't locked inside my mind.
I feel distant, ever so far away,
In a faint whisper, I say "I'm fine."
My expressionless face may appear quite calm,
But in constant fear I shake.
Tormented by conflict, hurt and pain,
You can't tell, but I might break.
I take a look at my surroundings
With reality, I feel out of touch.
There seem many miles between you and me
I reach out but with no luck.
Don't look into my vacant eyes
You'll find there's no one there.
I've gone away, I've disappeared
To an unknown, long lost lair.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 1 0
Why must your actions define you?
Why don't they see what's within?
Your behaviour is only a shell,
But inside, there is more to be seen.
The shell is made up of your actions,
Different pieces that build it up.
People only deal with the outside
The things you say, they just interrupt.
Maybe one day they'll look beyond the surface,
And see the ripples beneath.
Reach down and touch the water
And realise there's far more underneath.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 1 0
I sit with my head buried in my lap.
Everything is dark, so hopeless, so bleak.
But then you come in with your gentlest smile,
Now I can't help but your kindness to seek.
This stirs up a storm inside of my heart.
Surely there's hope, if there's someone to care?
But people like you are out of my reach,
Cause for someone to stay is heartbreakingly rare.
I look at your face and I can't help but cry
Cause I do not deserve to have someone like you.
People always leave when I need them the most,
So for you to stay would be too good to be true.
Im sorry that i don't know how to react
Cause the sadness inside is breaking my heart.
Banish the thoughts, the flashbacks, the tears,
So peacefully I may crawl back into the dark.
Maybe you'll stay, or maybe you won't.
Maybe you will actually try to help.
I don't ask that you fix me, that isn't your role.
But I cant deal with these feelings all by myself.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 2 1
Detained (1)
My heart is pounding in my chest
My legs are giving way.
The anticipation, the waiting
The fear of the unknown
Is killing me, day by day.
I'm trying to express myself
But I'm choking up inside.
Desperate to calm my thoughts.
To stay is not an option
Better is sooner than later
But will I manage to survive?
All the change in plans,
And with decisions being made
Suddenly I find myself detained.
I have no choice
Except to remain calm,
Although inside, I am heavily pained.
My stomach keeps churning,
The adrenaline wears me out.
When will they cart me away?
They said it'd be last night
But today has come and gone.
In all this, do I even have a say?
I envision the grey walls
Minimal sunlight fills my room.
No freedom, no chance to breathe.
Everything snatched out of my reach
Completely helpless with no voice
Will it really be as bad as it seems?
But For now, I'll fill my lungs with air
Because the moment has yet to come.
Where I'll step into that van
One step closer to being imprisoned.
It c
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 4 0
Not alone
I know what it's like to feel alone
To feel your heart breaking inside
When silent tears run down your face,
Desperate to run away and hide.
I know how it feels to have no hope,
With no reason to face each day.
You feel like you're drowning, unable to breathe,
As if you are fading away.
I know what it's like to feel worthless
Like no one'd care if you were gone.
They'd be sad for a while, then shortly return
To their lives, then they'd quickly move on.
But, my dear, when will you see
That your brain is just feeding you lies?
These voices inside don't speak the truth
But together, we can find the light.
No one deserves to face life alone.
I'm reaching out, so take my hand.
United love is much stronger than pain
Please trust me, I do understand.
It's not your fault, you're not on your own,
Sometimes our minds lead us astray
But with our help, and with your inner strength,
You'll find moments of joy every day.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 5 6
Unspoken longings
There was once a little girl
She would daydream all day long,
Of being rescued from behind
The bars that were so strong.
In her cage she closely watched
The world spin round and round.
She saw people just come and go
Whilst she herself was bound.
The times she found a loving face
She felt desperate for them to stay.
Still silently she carried on
As if she had nothing to say.
Her sad eyes cried "Please help me"
"I feel just so alone."
But no one ever heard her
Except thoughts that were her own.
But she did not have a single clue
How to reach out and be heard.
Angrily, she would act out instead
Receiving stern, not caring words.
So she pushed her deepest thoughts aside
And acted like she didn't care.
But no matter how much she tried to hide
She still wished her feelings were shared.
All she wanted was a hand to hold
To help her through her pain
But she felt so worthless, inside her cage
Filled with nothing but sadness and shame.
There exists a little girl who still
Dreams of compassion a
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 2 3
From place to place, I drift.
I'm on the move again
The destination is unknown
Lost with no direction
So aimlessly, I float.
Hopelessly I drift
With the wind that blows.
Searching for redemption,
A place I can call home.
Like an object, I am passed
To another, yet again.
How long until the next time
I will find myself disowned?
With empty eyes, I peer
Not knowing what to find.
From a child to an adult
I am just as lost inside.
I'm on the move again
Yet again, I'm strung along.
Within this world, I doubt
There's a place where I belong.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 1 0
Hidden by shadows by expressi0ns Hidden by shadows :iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 3 2
Shredded Heart.
Did wonder ever fill my eyes?
Did they ever shine back then?
When my heart was on my sleeve?
Before it was ripped to shreds?
I cried until my eyes felt raw,
You sat there, miles away.
I couldn't think it was my fault,
What else was I meant to say?
Can  fear and excitement ever mix?
I felt both of them when I cried.
But my tears drove you to walk away,
At least one of us slept that night.
You fought all my battles for me,
But only to wage your own war.
As long as you had me to yourself,
Our happiness is all people saw.
You kept tabs on every part of my life
But it wasn't just facts you sought.
You detected my every weakness
And hated the vulnerability that you saw.
I was too weak, too needy
The violence, I maybe deserved.
I begged for unconditional love
But rage was all I observed.
You made sure I had no one else,
Yet still you threatened to leave.
I couldn't be abandoned all alone,
So I begged, down on my knees.
Back then, it was just so intense,
And no more anger do I hold.
But t
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 2 3
Sleepless nights
Don't you hate those sleepless nights?
When no rest for you awaits?
With racing thoughts you fight,
And feelings you cannot shake?​
From the torture that's called life,
Surely I'm allowed a break?
But instead I softly cry
There's not much more I can take.
Each breath feels so heavy
And I can barely stand.
My pulse is not so steady
Due to life's endless demands.
What have I done to deserve this?
Trapped all alone with my fears?
I tremble and I clench my fists.
My clothes are drenched in tears.
Each second lasts a lifetime
I think of the day ahead.
When I'll forced to function,
Filled constantly with dread.
Don't you hate these restless nights?
And the fact you are still awake?
Soon the room will be filled with light
And more smiles you'll have to fake.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 6 3
There's an ache in my heart
Combined with everything I miss.
From the smell of my backyard,
To our very last kiss.
These four walls engulf me
Whilst everything falls apart.
I'm lost in the shadows,
Not knowing where to start
There's a voice in my heart,
It keeps whispering my name.
Reminding me of what I've lost
Taking me down memory lane.
The fragments of my soul,
They are telling me to run.
To escape the choking sadness
And hide away from the sun.
I step into the darkness,
Away from any sign life.
I'm good as dead to this world
Consumed with pain inside.
This cycle of self destruction
Has helped distract me from the truth,
Of how I let my life break down
How I've nothing left to lose.
There was an ache in my heart
Combined with everything I ever missed.
It drove me me to erase myself,
Nothing left to reminisce.
:iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 5 0
You pulled the wool over my eyes by expressi0ns You pulled the wool over my eyes :iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 2 0 Hairstyle #2 by expressi0ns Hairstyle #2 :iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 4 0 I have my reasons. by expressi0ns I have my reasons. :iconexpressi0ns:expressi0ns 2 2



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Just a girl with an overactive mind who likes to express herself creatively

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I enjoy drawing/sketching (I go through periods of doing loads, and then months of not doing any at all) and also writing, such as poetry, which I do more often.

Some of my drawings I've uploaded are just doodles to express my feelings.

I have also meddled with craft making, scrapbooking and photography in the past.
I follow back each and every one. ♡

Sorry I haven't been as active the last few months, Ive been without access to a computer or wifi for the last few months but hopefully it won't be too long



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