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Studies: Eye See You

Was a compilation of practices I did over the exam period, cause I needed some distraction aside from juggle-studying nuclear politics, Asian IR and linguistics all at once without throwing something out of the window.

It was an attempt to differentiate features and practicing the paint-y style. There's always some bits in mind to keep them different, though which often isn't evident at all because I simplify things cause I'm a lazy ass. I'll probably do the guys at some point in time and that's probably going to be a bigger challenge.

This be a new set of stuff in the future, probably not as refined as the OC illustrations and stuff but more than the coloured sketches. Who knows :shrug:

(from top to bottom) Rena, AJ, Niko, Jade, Vika © moi
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Oooh I had not noticed at first sight that one of your characters had heterochromia (weird word, we have a less "disease sounding" word in french :XD:). 
You manage to convey enough differences in physical traits and in some expressions in these, which is quite a feat considering it's only eyes ! Hehe I had recognized Niko first thing :P 
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This is such a great exercise! You learn so much from a character by their eyes! I would know Rena's sultry gaze anywhere! I love Niko's expression- he looks like he's just 'smelled the fart' in Joey's terms! (The other characters stare fixedly forwards and try to look innocent) lol.'s late here and I'm feeling immature!
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Thanks! It's actually quite fun, definitely learnt quite a fair bit on how types of features can differ from each other.

Well, I only thought of doing the whole personality-through-expression for the first three and absolutely forgot about the rest and just stuck with the standard 'look at the camera' sort of thing. I'd probably try that with the second set or something. :shrug:

Lol, nothing wrong with a little bit of immature silliness every now and then. Glad you liked it, it was definitely fun to do, that's pretty much Niko's go-to expression (that isn't manic glee), cause she's that much of a cheerful person. :dummy:
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Niko is in such a grumpy mood, I love how one eyebrow is raised in mild annoyance. I think its great that they all have different eyebrows too. I think Jade is my favourite because you really can see the difference in racial features in your shading of the nose bridge and lack of eyelid wrinkle
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Lol, of course not, she's just a massive ball of sunshine. :dummy: Yeah, it certainly helped that there's a whole lot of those makeup guides/charts thing that shows all of these. 

And thank you~ I'm quite happy how that turned out in the end, now it's the matter of keeping it consistent :D
sambeawesome's avatar
Very fun! I like this :D I'd have to say the middle is my favorite too, the expressiveness of it is great :D
ExplosiveCoffee's avatar
Thank you! I'm quite happy with how that one turned out :la:
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Nice. I love Rena's and Nico's eyes, and his expresion.
You did great with the skin shades. It looks so natural :3
ExplosiveCoffee's avatar
Thanks~ Glad you liked it.

Lol, that's Niko for you, her range of expressions is quite fun. Though I'm quite happy the skin tones did have a difference, I was worried it was going to end up roughly the same.
sorceress23's avatar
Sorry, my mistake. 
Anyway she's cool Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
ExplosiveCoffee's avatar
Ahaha, it's totally not a problem, you weren't the only one :D
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Ooh, I like this. I like the middle one best.
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Thanks! That one was fun, even if I wasn't too sure how those scars are supposed to look like in real life, lol.
AirBatuCampur's avatar
Scars are tricky to work with. Looks good, though!
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