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Sketch Dump: Darling Parents

This was intentionally in part of :iconthought-up:'s Character Exploration Prompt, this time with the theme "Darling Parents". A perfect way to actually expand on the minor/side characters, it's also not a perfect thing to do when you're low on time and DO NOT KNOW what they would look like. 

But since my glorious sense of timing stuffed that up, I'll plug this in as a sketch dump...after like, in forever.

So top to bottom, left to right.

The Yen family.
The obligatory '(awkward) formal family portrait'. It comes with the package, especially when your father's an internationally known business tycoon and your mother's a former fashion model-turned-designer. There was quite a bit of a high-demand/expectation issue coming from Jared (hard-to-please Asian dad ahoy) that led to rather strained relationships, which only just thawed out after Rain got married.

The Namikawa-Tsang family.
A family that migrated to the U.S after Tadashi's earned himself a position in the culinary business. The difficulties with adjustment and culture shock they've faced at the beginning have kept the family tightly knit as well as brought them to where there are. At the moment the family runs their own restaurant, one which Jade frequently goes back to help out on her down time. 

The Walker family.
Probably the biggest family, and even more so when the in-laws are included. Though Leon's not actually part of the Walkers, he was adopted by his aunt and uncle after they deemed his parents unfit to take care of him. He's got along well with Nell and Lara, and taken it to himself to drive his brother/cousin-in laws insane (Tony in particular cause he's too easy to rile up). Though Tony and Casey's both pretty damn familiar with lunacy, one leading a bunch of hired killers and the other a Navy SEAL. Also if you recognise the pose, I saw this from those 'draw the squad' sort of prompts and HAD to do this.

The Discenza family.
Before the parents separated and the kids shipped off to boarding schools. It was an odd combination of a family sticking together from all the moving they've done, yet the strictness (and not to mention the rigorous language training). Despite growing up and moving on with their own lives, they're relatively still in touch with each other (Raimundo and Yasmine are civil towards each other).

The Discenza-Scavo family.
This is totally a hypothetical situation. Don't really know HOW they'd reach that point (or even stay together), but I'm pretty damn sure what the dynamics are. There'd be a lot of odd tip-toeing around the fact that the girls aren't supposed to know neither parents are absolutely able to take down a small army on their own. Well...until they're at least old enough to understand. Also, there's still a toss-up on who'd be the worse influence...

(What's left of) The Scordato family. 
Niko wasn't old enough to know what it meant having a mother who was a daughter of a Sicilian mafia don. Her parents tried keeping things as far away as possible, but they were somewhat aware (and prepared) that it won't stay happily ever after. It was her father's request to an old army friend (otherwise known as Dante's uncle) to be her legal guardian should anything happen. She still continues visiting them back, often without anybody letting know where'd she disappear to.

OCs © moi

To whomever that actually read that...props and thanks

Also this is an absolute mess of a colouring job...I'll clean it...eventually ^^;
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Oly-RRR's avatar

...except for Niko's picture. :saddummy:

The Walkers are the most adorable, can they adopt my Walker and possibly me??? :omfg:

And hahaha, Dante's girls made me laugh! I need to draw them talking to Houston trying to outbrag each other with their cool dads! :XD:

ExplosiveCoffee's avatar
Yas that was totally intended (even with the mood-whiplash at the end). IT COULD'VE BEEN WORST I TELL YOU.

Lol, they're that boisterous but oddly endearing, that's where Leon got it from. But I do want to draw more of them, cause there's a lot of ideas in there. I think there's quite the appeal of such a large family with that level of silliness. Honestly I don't think they'd mind taking in a few more people. Even better, cause Brits unite?

Well, side effects of having such parents tend to do that to them. Don't know how on earth would those two kids turn out once they hit puberty, that'd be a whole new brand of headaches.  That would be hilarious though, it'd be like that odd combination of endearing to awkwardly trying to explain to Leicester that it's just kids exaggerating things.

Personally I agree with you, I don't really get the reason behind it. I know quite a fair number of kids, some being relatives who ship them off to other countries, some even as young as 10.
Oly-RRR's avatar
Yess, definitely, big families can be frustrating irl (my family is small but I know I don't get on with some parts of my extended family) but there's always this appeal of a big and friendly family, this is kind of how everyone likes the Weasleys. :D

Heheh, oh yes! I don't think Leicester even knows all the exaggerated stories Houston tells about him, he just doesn't want to tell him about realities of policing just yet (which is overprotective for sure but then I sort of understand it, Houston is sheltered and not going to ever be able to work  in police anyway so... why break that magic for him?)

Yeaaaah... It's just never a good thing for a kid. I had to spend some years living away from my mum, and that wasn't even a boarding school, just my grandparents, and I can't say it was all bad but I know I missed her all the time. So being sent away from everything and everyone you know must be much worse for a kid, though of course most find ways to get through it. What doesn't kill you and all that... :paranoid:
ExplosiveCoffee's avatar
Haa, I know. On one side of my family, there's a total of 28 cousins (myself and my brothers included). The mayhem and bickering is can get phenomenally grating that I'd just try to stay as far away as possible. But that's a really good comparison with the Weasleys! It's definitely one of those appeals that some would want to have a feel of every now and then.

Lol, "Houston said what?" would be the most recurring statement there, probably next to "I can neither confirm nor deny". Though I could see why Leicester would, sometimes it's better to fill the kid with positivity about something rather than bogging them down with the reality. I mean if all the negatives were told, poor kid might end up too paranoid, which isn't any good either.

Yeah, especially based on the bond between child and parents, it'd be tough to be apart. Then again, those I know are more raised by their nannies/maids than the parents themselves. I can get that whole 'independence gained through hardship' sort of thing, but there's got to be some thought put to that.
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Your family portraits are so great lol, I love how they're not just sat there like lemons posing for the camera (except for the obligatory awkward portrait one lol, which we would not be pleased about being missing!), but are doing their own thing like in photos (especially the The Walker family, lolling all over the place like kids do.  I imagine a lot of noise when getting organised to take that photo...

What I appreciate is the different family dynamics you have here (even a hypothetical one!)
ExplosiveCoffee's avatar
Naww thanks! I'm glad the diversity in the relationships made sense. Even the hypothetical one, which I have to admit was more fun than expected.

Lol, but who knew lemons could be so photogenic? But I don't think it'd be easy corralling them together as adults, let alone when they were kids. Then again, good ol' John's got some background commanding large groups of people (and a good set of lungs to shout at all of them), so I think that's solved. :dummy:
Sleyf's avatar
Hypothetical situations often are! Imagine them at "career day" though, what on earth would they say

I know right, I don't even know where the phrase came from originally but why lemons? Or they're very well trained and come on command
kArA-Redwing's avatar
Jade's family looks cute, but I want more of the walker family in my life, OMG.  Looks like everyone got their off kilter from mom rather than dad.  And the Discenza-Scavo family.  Dante should not go in for "what does your mommy or daddy do for a living" day.  He's either gonna teach everyone to fire a gun or burn the school down.  That said, no one will EVER bully those kids. o-o  Poor Niko though. :<  Awesome mix of different families.
ExplosiveCoffee's avatar
Lol, those are the sort of families with the noisy, crazy and big family reunions (especially when both families would have the better foods, with chefs and all), the more you think about it. Even more so with the grandkids running around the place.

Hmm, I actually did not notice all. Really? I mean, you're probably right with Rena and even then her kids aren't even biologically hers (her brand of lunacy is contagious). I'm not sure whose reaction would be worse for those sort of career days, the kids, the teachers or the parents. Even if what he said was 'pre-approved (most likely by Rena), he'd probably just forget when some kid just asks a random question. Definitely no one would dare bully them, either they'd be taught self-defense or Rena would probably verbally tear them a new one. Can't imagine those kids as teenagers...

Yeah, she's mostly come to terms with that, but would rarely bring it up in conversation. Her god-father and Dante are the only two who know about it. 

Thanks~ Glad the differences were somewhat clear.
AngelicAdonis's avatar
That's pretty excellent! Great poses and colours! :D
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