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SS: Wrapping Up

Uh, hi :iconvarian-jackson: I'm your secret santa for :iconthought-up:'s Secret Santa event. Happy belated Christmas, New Years and others related holidays! 

They've requested for their OC Ignaru in the middle of his daily life. Being the "grumpy bunny" as he is, I wouldn't think he'd be fond of dealing with post-celebration cleanups especially one as big as those at the end of the year. It was really fun to draw, his beetle/elven features were new but good practice. 

Also, I can't apologize enough for taking an obscenely long time in finishing this, between graduating, knee surgery (and rehab) and postgrad applications, I underestimated the time I have/don't have and things got delayed more than I liked.

I do hope you like the gift, have a good one :D

Ignaru (c) :iconvarian-jackson: 
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This looks great! :D Always love all the little details you add :)
Congrats on graduating (that's awesome!) and I'm sorry to hear about the knee surgery, I hope you feel better soon! Get some nice deserved rest :hug:
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This is so great, I do love the 'captured in a mundane task' rendering, he's probably cursing all those party goers internally (and externally), they have no consideration for the person who has to clean up after them!
Thanks for being a secret santa!

Congratulations on the graduation, and commiserations on the knee, hope it's back to normal soon (or better!)
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Oh man, he is such a grumpy wumpy wumpuss! :P I am so thrilled with this! It was certainly worth the wait, I imagine as a big digital painting it must have taken some time anyway! You got his facial expression pretty much spot on, you can see the look in his eyes that tells you he's cursing the patrons. I love the attention to detail in the background as well.

Thank you very much, congrats on graduating and hope your knee gets better!