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SS: Happy Holidays...I Guess?

A secret santa to :iconcornycartoons: in part of :iconthought-up:'s Secret Santa event, featuring the twins Nat and Nathan. Keeping to my theme of festive-ish secret santas and my love for the absolute cheesy/ugly Christmas sweaters, even though Nat's probably not all too amused to be stuck in one (and be forced into said holiday greeting-card-photo-thing).

Hope you have a lovely holidays :D

Nat and Nathan (c) :iconcornycartoons:
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This is super cute! The expressions are fantastic xD And happy holidays/New Year's btw :D
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Wahhhh. I like how we came full circle (seeing I was your secret santa last time). I absolutely love this. The sweaters was a great touch and the characterization in the expressions are on point. Love it
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Aww! This is brilliant- I love their expressions- they crack me up! The detailed jumpers are fantastically drawn too- what an amazing gift! :D
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Wonderfully cheesy and like one of those photos you want to hide (if you're forced to be in it) - or need to paste everywhere - if you're not.  That christmas tree sweater is great though! (much better than the other one ugh)
Thanks so much for being a secret santa and drawing such a fun gift!
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Haha, I know right? That's a photo that's bound to haunt them for a while. I mean it is the perfect sort of blackmail material if the moment comes for it.

Lol, I enjoyed scrolling through for ideas. Apparently that particular sweater's intended to look like an actual tree when you put your hands straight up, and hold a star right above your head. Yeah, that other one is questionable, I have no idea why would that one exist.

It's totally my pleasure! I always look forward to the group activities here, and it was definitely a good way to get into drawing again.
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Ammunition of the highest calibre - with copies hidden away lest the original find itself in the shredder.

Ohhh! Yeah i've seen that one! On this tv commercial for charity, I thought it was pretty fun lol - the other one is definitely home-knitted...

Sorry it's been quite slow going, each time I have grand plans to revive the group I basically lose motivation instantaneously lol - which is a shame as I love seeing what you guys come up with - perhaps I need to pool ideas for random dares and prompts then make a comeback
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