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Gift: InkyRose

A seriously belated birthday gift for the lovely and talented :iconinkyrose:, featuring the dynamic duo of her series "the Hat Trick Detective" Hetta and John. Welp, I tried going for that 'dynamic' bit (I am a sucker for couples/duos that work scarily well together), though now that I look at it again it just looks like Hetta's about to sic John on somebody.Hope they've turned out alright.

On a random side note, I'm finally done for the semester, so time was spent working off the remaining nervous energy with this and a couple of other stuff. Also I really need to stop defaulting to red-undertones. Hnng, literally half of my gallery has the same tones.

Happy belated birthday again, hope you like it :D

Hetta and John © :iconinkyrose:
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I love the lighting and atmosphere in this one, plus Hetta's pose is very relaxed and confidant (I do not doubt that, even though John is seated, he could probably move very fast if he wanted to)
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Thanks~ The lighting was quite fun to play around in this one.

Yeah, Hetta seems like that person that just radiates calm confidence cause she's cool like that. Though I wouldn't doubt that either, provoking John's even while sitting's probably the equivalent to poking a really big bear with a stick. :B
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Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great!!!! I love it!!! Thank you sooo sooo much- this must have taken you ages to do- look at all those dramatic details and rich, dark colours- simply sumptuous! I love their pose, so dynamic and I love how piercing Hetta's gaze is, she almost looks as if she's holding John back from becoming too violent- or supporting him! I love her dress, it looks like really expensive silk- and such an unusual colour! Her necklace is gorgeous too and thank you for including her walking cane. John looks very handsome and that stare is very intense indeed! I cannot get over how detailed the background is, it looks like something out of the golden age of hollywood- very film noir!
Such a wonderful present- thank you so much hon! *hugs* I really don't deserve it! :D
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I'm so glad you like it, you totally deserve this srsly :huggle:

Lol, 'intense/piercing gazes' is pretty much the theme I ran with, well next to that sort of noir style for the setting. You've got classy OCs, the stylish-ness and poise is a must-have! But you do have a point, it does look like she's could be doing either one, it'd probably be the latter :dummy:
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They look like they're about to start questioning a suspect :)
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Haha, they've probably got a "good cop/bad cop" routine ready :B
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Hetta: Are you sitting comfortably? Would you like a glass of water before we begin?
John: *Cracks knuckles* 
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