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Playing music for the dolphins

I actually started working on this several months ago, but I simply got too busy to complete it -- until just now!

I think I got the idea for it after looking at my favourites, and noticing that I had both dolphins and harpists among them (although neither were in the same pic).

But in any case, I CAN say that this pic does makes me happy! (And of course, I do hope that it makes you happy too!).....



Dolphins: "Dolphins Jumping", and "Dolphins Jumping Towards You", both by Della-Stock (which are at: [link] and [link] ).

Harpist: "dani266", by dani-stock (which is at: [link] ).

Water, cave, and background: "Cave", by CAStock (which is at: [link] ).

Rainbow: "Rainbow" by xxlyndseyelizxx (which is at: [link] ).

Much thanks to Della-Stock, dani-stock, CAStock, and xxlyndseyelizxx, for all of their great stock!
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Nice, but work on blending the elements together! You have some great concepts. ^O^
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Wonderful photomanipulation!
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Thanks very much!

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nice concept..and nice idea..:)
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No problem :) if you would ne so kind to look at mein
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This is a good start, but there's some areas that need improvement on.

First off, a lot of the elements look pasted in, which isn't a good thing. Remember to pay attention to the lighting aspect in every photomanip project (If you use Photoshop, you can just go to Image>Adjustments>Match Color). I typically like to match the color of individual elements, in a scene that I'm doing, with the background image that I started out with in the beginning Also, masking would greatly help in situations like this, because you want all of the elements to be in harmony with each other (In other words, you want each and every element to look like it's a part of the scene)

Hope I helped somewhat:D
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This is such a happy-feeling picture, love the setting of the scene with the playing woman and the dolphins "dancing" to the music...the rainbow makes it all feel so joyful! :hug: :#1: Nice work!
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Really charming! & I love dolphins. I think you could blend the rainbow a bit more with the sky, now it looks like a structure in the bg instad. But it's a fave nevertheless.
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Thanks for using my stock. :)
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You're most welcome!

It's a great rainbow -- and VERY bright! (Most of the others that I've seen are either very dull (gray) and/or very narrow).

Again, thanks for having such a great rainbow in your stock!


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