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How to, where to, all that...

Before you hit the join button, read here and decide if this is for you. This group is ONLY focused on the Marvel character or Norse God Loki, and does not focus on Tom Hiddleston. This is not a group only for explicit art, but please be aware it is welcomed here, along with slash. Even though the group does accept and welcome explicit art, please do have ALL works of a mature nature marked as such. This group will have more mature themes and is not for younger folks.

This group is also truly NOT for:

-Cute fluffy chibis
-Cute fluffy anime
-Goofy memes or gifs
-Your personal drama

I'm looking for art that has more thought put into it than the usual chibis or pictures/gifs with some text plopped on them.

Still here? OK! Contributing is easy. The folders are organized by topic rather than type of art, and are pretty self-explanatory. If you see a need to create a new type of folder, again, feel free to send a message.

Folders are:

Featured - Once things get going, I'd like to feature an artist weekly here.
Slash - Art about same sex relationships
Movies - Loki as he appeared in Thor (2011), Avengers (2012) and Thor 2 (2013).
Comics - Loki as he appeared in Marvel comics
Mythology - Loki from Norse myths
Fiction - Fan fiction of all types. Slash fanfic may also go in this folder
Non-fiction - Essays or any other type of research on myths, comics, costuming, etc
Costuming - Cosplay - For pictures of costumes both finished and in progress
Thor 2 Hypin' - Any pictures prior to Thor 2 coming out. Set pics, costumes, actors on the set, anything because we're nosey like that. :D

Need more? Message the Founder :iconrancidrainbow: and tell her what you're needing! Feel free to add me on any of the following as well. Love Loki-peeps, and love to talk to them:


I have screencaps on my site from both Avengers and Thor. Please take as many as you want to use for projects, reference, cos-play or just to have. ALL the Avengers galleries are in HD Blu-Ray quality, as well as all the extras. I'm in the process of redoing Thor right now the same way, so any Thor galleries you see with a "BR" after the name is done in Blu-Ray quality.

Here's the link to my Loki pictures page:

Loki Pictures -

I hope you like them, and also feel free to browse my site if you like. I have more Loki stuff up and around there. My site caters exclusively to bad guys! :)

Gallery Folders

Teardrop by RancidRainbow
Loki - Subtle Changes by RancidRainbow
Loki - Waiting on You by RancidRainbow
Loki - Just Out by RancidRainbow
Stolen Relic by Keshyx
Stop Thinking You Are A Monster by Keshyx
Infinity War - Tony and Loki by Lykusio

Mature Content

Frost Iron by Lykusio

Mature Content

The Avengers: Loki's Slaves Poster (Fake) by DrVillain
Loki Asgard-Vanaheim suit by LadyMintLeaf
2018 Redraw of Don't Cry by RancidRainbow
Brothers - Avengers Infinity War by Lykusio
Till Ragnarok part 04_04 by Ekatherina91
Till Ragnarok part 04_03 by Ekatherina91

Mature Content

Till Ragnarok part 04_02 by Ekatherina91
Till Ragnarok part 04_01 by Ekatherina91
Laufeyjarson by Taina-dOS
True love is boundless. by Tal-Conhae
Img 20140518 112204-1 by shovja
Loki and Sleipnir. by Tal-Conhae
A Tree to Nurture

Mature Content

Growing Pains
Kama Loki Sacred Darcy
(Bawdy)KamaLoki/SacredDarcy-Part1 by Pericynthi-Beth17
(Bawdy)KamaLoki/SacredDarcy-Part2 by Pericynthi-Beth17

Mature Content

(Bawdy)KamaLoki/SacredDarcy-Part3 by Pericynthi-Beth17

Mature Content

Kama Loki Sacred Darcy (with end-notes) by Pericynthi-Beth17
Kindred Captives
The Rune Nauthiz
The Rune Nauthiz: Chapter 1 by Pericynthi-Beth17
A Child's Cry
Loki-Wastelands by stak1073
Costuming - Cosplay
I am your king. by Lykusio
Thor 2 Hypin'
Beautiful Lie by VeilaKs-Wallpapers


The most beautiful essence in all the nine realms by gavorche-san The most beautiful essence in all the nine realms :icongavorche-san:gavorche-san 847 149 I will carry you home by jiuge I will carry you home :iconjiuge:jiuge 3,243 67 Mother by Amphata Mother :iconamphata:Amphata 6 5 War Trophy by Amphata War Trophy :iconamphata:Amphata 5 5 Firestarter by Amphata Firestarter :iconamphata:Amphata 2 0 Norse Lullaby by Amphata Norse Lullaby :iconamphata:Amphata 18 3 God of Tricks by Amphata God of Tricks :iconamphata:Amphata 7 6
Sold to the king
The disgusting man bowed deeply before Loki, the girl next to him had her emotionless eyes fixed to the ground. “My King I am here to make you an offer”, the man began making the god want to snap his neck. “This is my daughter Leevke she just turned eighteen and I wish to sell her to you”, Loki was indeed a little surprised by his offer. “I refuse”, he said waving his hand. The man looked up fear in his eyes, the girl looked up too, hope in her eyes.
“But my king she is beautiful and untouched, won’t you at least consider?”
Lokis eyes narrowed and the man swallowed hard, “I don’t know what you did to that thing, but her eyes resemble that of a dead fish and I do not like that, now get lost.”
Loki looked at the daughter, she was indeed a beauty, flaming red hair, pale skin and a nice slender figure but he could also see the faint bruises on her skin. “Do something”, the man snarled and the girl flinched
:iconnijura108:Nijura108 2 0
Comission for BlueJAmber by Riku-Noiro Comission for BlueJAmber :iconriku-noiro:Riku-Noiro 24 6 Fanart zu: Eine wahrlich goettliche Website by Riku-Noiro Fanart zu: Eine wahrlich goettliche Website :iconriku-noiro:Riku-Noiro 33 6
Mature content
Loki x Reader - Give Me Love Ch37 FINAL :iconanimefreak141:AnimeFreak141 18 2
(50th!Sp) A Loki Morning: Loki x Reader
[A/N]: And here, at long last, is the prize for :iconnikki-night: for being my 50th watcher!~~ Enjoy!
Loki x Reader: A Loki Morning (FLUUUUUFFYYYYYYY Drabble)
With a groan, you rolled onto your side, internally hissing at the radiance streaming through your windows. “JARVIS, I thought I said to leave the time for the blinds to lift to be at my signal!” you hoarsely slurred, not caring that you sounded close to drunken in your hazy stupor.
“Apologies, miss, but that was not me,” JARVIS replied politely.
Grunting, you sat up to see an enchanting sight lounging just below your window. Golden light caressed exceedingly fair skin and a sculpted face that would make any artist envious should that face have been chiseled into stone in a perfect likeness. Absorbing the light, yet still refracting, it was raven hair, silky and smooth, slicked back to run down the back of his neck. He was sitting underneath your window; he w
:iconzennazffz:ZennazFFz 14 6
Loki Minimalism by AtomicKittenStudios Loki Minimalism :iconatomickittenstudios:AtomicKittenStudios 87 7 Loki and Serena by SerenusKrystallosR Loki and Serena :iconserenuskrystallosr:SerenusKrystallosR 2 1 Loki and Anika by SerenusKrystallosR Loki and Anika :iconserenuskrystallosr:SerenusKrystallosR 2 1 Loki by Friendermen Loki :iconfriendermen:Friendermen 30 8
All our faves!



Oops, forgot to post here. Catching up!

Thor: The Dark World - 3

Thor: The Dark World - 4

Loki and his Momma....someone pass the tissues. This damn scene!!

Thor: The Dark World - 2

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