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Here at explicit-opinions we accept any stamp, hate art, rants, etc that have swearing in them. Before submitting, please read the rules.

:bulletred: Swear as much as you like!
:bulletred: No rabid hating. This means wishing death on people, bashing a certain deviant, stereotyping and bashing others opinions unsophisticatedly. Not accepting other opinions is prohibited too.
:bulletred: The only time you may show a deviants name/shame them is when you have a screenshot of something they have said. 
:bulletred: There does not have to be swearing in it, as long as it is a loud opinion. 
:bulletred: If your submission was declined, you submitted it into the wrong folder. If it declined again, you have broken a rule. Please ask the founder why if you must.
:bulletred: No stealing. If someone here is stealing work, please come to us with proof.
:bulletred: If you have anti pictures of something, we only accept ONE. We are not going to accept your daily anti Jonny Test or whatever pictures, ONLY ONE.
:bulletred: Please accept others opinions in this group.
:bulletred: Anything that breaks the DA rules will be removed.…
:bulletred: Any extreme hate towards race, gender, sexuality, nationality or religion will not be accepted. FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this? 
:bulletred: No harassing the group or other members. Trolling is not allowed either.
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:bulletred: Any stamp or opinion which you find offensive is not our problem unless it breaks these rules or the DA rules. 
:bulletred: Don't ask to be a founder, co founder, etc. Your question will be ignored and hidden. 

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Separating the Art From the Artist
It's been long debated, when considering the foibles, flaws, misdeeds, or crimes that an artist may have been guilty of in their personal lives to what degree should it shade our view of their work? Should sufficiently egregious deeds render an artist's work unacceptable, or unenjoyable? Should we separate the art from the artist in all cases, or only some? If only some, what are the criteria?Of course, the cop-out answer is to fall back on the truism that art is subjective, and that each person's tastes and sensibilities are different. Oh, you don't say!In my view, the art should be separated from the artist as a matter of course. It's not always possible, but that should be the default approach.The fact is, creative genius often comes with a different kind of brain wiring than normal people have. And this applies to creative spheres outside art, as well. A population of individuals who think thoughts no one's thought before, push boundaries, envision reality from imagination, and rebel against the normal way of things, are going to be over-represented in terms of eccentricity, deviancy, and to a lesser degree anti-social or self-destructive behavior. This is not to say that all artists are like this, nor that it's a prerequisite for creativity, nor that being a brilliant artist excuses immoral actions. But it is an observation worth noting. To some extent, you have to take the good with the bad.We know, for example, that people who choose work that sometimes entails physical violence tend to be more aggressive than the average person. Does it excuse what I'd imagine being a higher rate of off-the-clock incidents of violence? Not at all. But, I mean, are we really that surprised that guys who volunteer for the SWAT team tend to get into more fist fights than actuaries? Point being, there are niches in society that perform a desired service, but which, to some degree, either correlate with or attract a certain type of person prone to certain types of shortcomings. This is a useful perspective to keep in mind.There are bounds of reason, as with everything. For instance, if a work of fiction contains racist characters, this should not be an issue for anyone (that is it a problem for some, is itself a problem). But if a work of fiction contains racist themes, and racist depictions of certain groups, and the author is known to have been a racist, even by the standards of their day, then it is justifiably difficult to extricate the art from the artist they are too closely intertwined. When the sins of the artist are sewn directly into their art, it becomes nearly impossible to tear the two apart. Additionally, if an artist's crimes were of such a magnitude that they are actually more known for their crimes than their art, it's hardly a surprise that the art will be overshadowed. Similarly, in the case of an individual whose crimes were heinous, and who wasn't even really an artist, but rather simply produced a few works of art on the side we cannot expect their legacy to be separated from their art.All of this is particularly interesting nowadays, as cultural forces are actively trying to collapse all distinction between art and artist, even in real time. This means not only are some artists' works being posthumously tarnished and marginalized, but ongoing work is being cancelled to punish the past misdeeds of the wayward artist while they yet live. But if the artist is brilliant, their audience (which is likely to be large) shares in this punishment. As Dave Chappelle joked of Kevin Spacey, who in 2017 was accused by a number of men of sexual improprieties, some of which having been minors at the time: "Kevin Spacey shouldn't have done that shit to that kid. He was 14 years old, and was forced to carry a grown man's secret for 30 years. Jesus Christ, he must have been busting at the seams with that. The saddest part is, if he were able to carry that secret for six more months, I would get to know how 'House of Cards' ends." As it happened, that final season of House of Cards was made, bizarrely absent Spacey's central and integral main character. The disjointed, out-of-character final season that resulted is generally recognized to have been a profound disservice to the series and its tens of millions of fans.That's the thing with art. Like a child who, though born to their parents, becomes their own individual person; when art is put out there, it becomes part of the world a thing unto itself. Art belongs as much to the audience as it does to the creator. As Samuel Johnson once wrote: "A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it." To erase, cancel, or bury a work of art over the sins of its creator removes the audience from the equation, as though the audience somehow doesn't matter. But without an audience, it ain't art. If a painter paints in the woods and no one's around to see it, whatever else it may be, it's not art. Art is not mere content. It's not merely the creation of the content. It's what the audience feels inside when they experience it. Then, and only then, is the art complete. Artists may appear to use a variety of different mediums, such as film, sound, color on canvas, written words, or live performance, but this is actually an illusion. There is only one medium on which all art is created: the mind of the audience.Separating the artist from the art isn't just preferable, it's indispensable. For otherwise, it's not art in the first place.

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Some things may have slipped through the rules, but I would like to remind you all of an important rule that constantly GETS IGNORED.

NO BASHING A CERTAIN DEVIANT. So NONE of this "BAWWWWWWW THIS PERSON HAS STOOPID OPINIONS IF U DISAGREE WITH THIS TOTEZ NOT WHITE KNIGHTING I AM GONNA HYPOCRITICALLY CALL YOU THE WHITE KNIGHT1!!" or shit. If you MUST make a journal about a certain member, please have it civilized and give good REASONS as to WHY this person needs to be called out. I do not CARE if that person is a shithead, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES.

ANYONE WHO IGNORES THIS IN FUTURE WILL BE BLOCKED FROM THE GROUP (and no, making a callout hate journal about me is not going to make me let you back in because fuck you).
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