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I'm doing a Kiriban for 70k Pageviews that offers one free caption to the winner

but I'm curious, I haven't really celebrated many milestones (mostly because I'm never around) but I'm curious as to what you guys think

I'm definitely going to do SOMETHING for 100,000 pageviews but I have no idea what exactly

I'd also like to do something (probably smaller) when I hit 85,000 pageviews but again I have no idea

is there anything you guys would like to see me do as celebration once I hit those two future milestones?
Sorry for basically being RIP in peace for all summer long, been going through some personal shit IRL that I'm not exactly comfortable talking about.

Also, relatively soon, I'm going to be job hunting again, so my uploads and presence on here will be random as always, BUT I think I might try to write something small tonight just to get the juices flowing, and then get to work on some of the commissions I received while away for as long as I was.

I'll try to let you guys know if anything changes
Not dead

Not sure when or if I shall return
I'm currently struggling a bit IRL, so that's really the reason for my lack of writing as of late.

I don't know what I want to do with my life, I'm swapping what I'm going to college for and still don't have another job after quitting my last one almost 2 years ago to focus on college. Fear and depression are rather high as of late due to all of this uncertainty.

But don't worry, I get the feeling once I get this college bullshit sorted out and start going to classes regularly again instead of laying around the house like a lump I'll probably start looking up again. That seems to be a theme for me, when I have nothing to do (work, school, etc.) I don't write and get depressed, but once I have classes again I'll probably be right back to writing, so please just bear with me for awhile.

Thank you all so much.
Some of you already know
Some of you probably could have guessed
Some of you have no idea what I'm talking about
Some of you probably don't care

But I think it's about time I come clean, I said when I first started asking for Commission that this wasn't my first DA account, of course some people tried to guess but I lied and gave false information to keep people off of my trail.

Truth be told, my last account was :iconveronicas-secret: the person in charge of the account "Veronica" was more or less a character I created to fulfill my TG Kink. Her behavior, mannerisms, and speech patterns were all the same as my own to avoid any slip ups, but anytime someone asked something personal I made it up. Even in private conversations on that account I never broke character and built up this whole new identity that I used.

You see, when I made that account I was having some Gender confusion, so to try and figure myself out I made an account and pretended to be someone I wasn't. But as I was nearing the end of High School I came to a realization, I'm fine with being a guy, my confusion was gone, I had sorted it all out. Of course, I still to this day like to fantasize about it, but I no longer consider ACTUALLY going through with it.

So my alter ego "Veronica" no longer served a purpose, I was tired of lying and pretending to someone else, I was tired of having to make up lies and fake stories about my life, so I abandoned the account and created this one not too long after.

To wrap it all up, I'm sorry for lying for all that time and vanishing off of that account without saying a word. Now the only 'lie' I tell is that my name is Lance, I consider Lance Krypt to be my pseudonym as I'm not fully comfortable sharing my actual IRL name online (plus my IRL name sounds way duller), but everything else I say about myself, my life, my appearance, my college, it's all real now, no more lies.
Figured that listing all of my stuff together would be a good idea, just to keep it all in one place, and to help you guys know if there is a bunch of room availible in case you guys want a Com/Trade/or Kisekae Request ;D


Commissions are OPEN!


information on Commissions for those interested: TG/Fetish Story Commissions



Trades are OPEN!


information on Trades for those interested: Trade Rules



Kisekae Requests are OPEN!

1. TG Sequence for :iconkiothinan:

information on Kisekae Requests for those interested: Kisekae TG Sequence Requests


If you are supposed to be on this list than that means I NO LONGER have the information for your Com/Trade/Request and have forgotten about it! Note me if that is the case!

If you are interested in any of the above things and would like to ask for one, send me a note!
Figured I'd let you all know I am going to do a bit of a discount on my Commissions for a short time.

Here is the Offer.

I'm going to do a 25% discount on all of my stories until December 31st 11p.m. CST

So until then prices will look like this!

1000 words - 113 points
1500 words - 188 points
2000 words - 263 points
2500 words - 356 points
3000 words - 450 points

So, if you're interested, let me know ASAP! Because this ends on the 31st, so not much time.

And, IF you already had a commission with me that I haven't written yet, this discount applies to that as well, so no worries there.

NOTE: Commissions will NOT all be done before the 31st, but if you made the commission before then the price stays at the discount!

Read here for Commission Information!!
Read Here
Thank you all so much! had a great 20th birthday!

Sorry for being gone for a bit, finals and Star Wars were far too important to miss out on!

Hopefully I'll get a Christmas special cap up tonight! and maybe another on Christmas Eve!

Happy holidays!!!
Figured since I RP so often it would be a good idea to get a journal up with all of my rules listed in one place. No scenarios listed here, just my rules, kinks, and turn offs.

Mature Word usage is ahead so there's your fair warning, this is talking about kinks after all, if you don't like that kind of stuff stop reading right here.

- I will always be a female sub unless I say otherwise, I typically prefer to not RP dom or male or even switch
- Although I have no exact rule on how long your reply should be I do ask that actual effort is put in, typically I prefer at least 2-3 sentences but that's not exact, if I feel that you are not putting in the effort to keep the RP going then I will cancel immediately
- Due to my life schedule replies can sometimes be slow, sometimes be fast, and sometimes might drop completely all together, I try not to let RP's die without letting you know but some slip through the cracks
- All of the RP's that I partake in will be 18+ and thus will ONLY be replied to by notes to keep them in private, I must also ask that of course you yourself are 18 or older
- I will RP mostly as an OC, I will occasionally be an official character but more often than not I RP as an OC, you can be whoever you would like OC or official character, it doesn't matter to me
- I RP in the FIRST PERSON perspective (I, Me, I'm, My, etc.), you don't have to RP in first person but I ask that you allow me to, I get very thrown off if I try to RP in third person after having RP'ed in first for so long
- Your grammar doesn't need to be perfect (mine obviously isn't) but I must be able to understand what you are trying to say, if I have to repeatedly ask you to clarify what you are saying I may cancel the RP

Here are a list of kinks I will allow and not allow, anything that's not listed PLEASE ask prior to including it! This list is likely incomplete as there are probably things I forgot about so I will add to it as time goes on.

Kinks of mine
- Forced/Non-consensual sex
- Rope and Latex bondage
- Collars
- Gags
- Blowjobs
- Forced deepthroating
- Forced cum drinking
- Mummification bondage
- Gang bangs
- Name calling/insulting
- Toys and vibes

Kinks I cannot allow
- Incest (parent x offspring)
- Pedophilia
- Torture
- Scat/Fart
- Vore
- Inflation
- Furries
- Tickling
- Diaper
- Amputation
- Giant/Giantess
- Breath play
- Foot fetish/worship
- Extreme Breast expansion
- Body writing/tattoos put on my character
- Forced piercings

So that's just about it, feel free to note me any time if you think we could have a fun RP! ;D
What's going on guys? Been getting my ass kicked by college! So I needed to drop everything on here to focus on my studies, can't go failing anything there after all.

But it's mostly alright now, all prepped for finals mostly, so I can safely say that I can maybe write a bit more soon! Got a commission to work on that I got while I was on hiatus, and if you have other commissions for me, then I've probably forgotten them! So note me if you did!
Just wanted to let you guys in on what's been going on.

Been on and off for a few weeks here, super active for a few days, then vanishing for a week or so.

Basically, between college, job hunting, and random spurts of laziness and depression, I've been hard pressed to log on as often as I'd like.

No idea when or why I'll end up becoming more active again, probably once I solidify a job and get some motivation, but for now I'm just going to write when I feel up to it, don't want to end up making it unfun by forcing myself to write.

So, if I owe you any stories, or anything, sorry for taking so long.
So, with Krypt CO coming to a close, I was curious as to what mini-series of fast caps you'd like to see next!

I have a few ideas, but I want you guys to vote on which little series I do next.

Idea 1: TGangs
- A series of TG's following a plot line of two rival groups of friends, who play a rather intense game, they repeatedly TG each other's teammates until there are no men left on one side. Following the TG's each woman then has to date their captor for an extended period of time, and only after that time can they be released, though the captor can choose to keep them this way forever if they so desire.

Idea 2: Hard Bargain
- This series follows the exploits of a struggling business woman, who comes across a new method of selling her rather pricey attire. She rigs up her dressing rooms with various machines that forcibly change any man who enters them into a bubbly air-headed woman who can easily be convinced into buying expensive dresses and jewelry. After which she hires some to work for her or just sells them a lot of expensive clothing.

Idea 3: Tourist Trap
- A small town in a remote area suddenly has a huge boom of activity, drawing in men from far and wide to see the supposedly all female village, little did they know, the village is still short in population and is looking to expand. The cult-like townsfolk lure in unsuspecting men, only to brainwash them and turn into busty beautiful women as well through the use of their magic, who will work for them for free and draw in more men to change, allowing the town to expand more and more.

Idea 4: Kry Academy
- Parents of rebellious young boys can always send them to the Kry Academy for reconditioning and training. Each guy that is sent in is changed into a productive young lady, or even just a happy baby maker, depending on the parent's desires. The boys are broken down and forcefully reprogrammed into whatever the parents wish, for the right price of course.

Please vote here if you can!

Voting will end two weeks from now! On September 19th at 12:00 p.m. CST
Sorry for being under the radar for a bit, been a CRAZY few weeks <__< college starting, short vacation, writing slump, mild depression issues.

I've had a full plate for awhile now! I might try to write a bit sometime soon but no guarantees, need to keep focused on college after all!

ALSO, is anyone still writing entries for my contest? still only one entry so far and I don't want to push the deadline back again, but if you are writing one PLEASE let me know so we can discuss in private!!!
Edit: If you have plans to enter, please comment below!!

So I decided screw it and I'm just going to open a contest XD

Here's the premise of the contest

I'd like a TG story or caption revolving around myself getting TG'ed, the method and picture that you use is ENTIRELY up to you!

For myself, my name is Lance, I'm about six foot even, a bit on the chubby side, and have short curly brown hair with brown eyes. I usually just wear gym shorts and a t shirt and have glasses.

The winner of the contest gets a 3000 word story of their choice, written by me, for free! AND if I get at least SIX entries, then I will add a second place prize, who will get a 2000 word story of their choice! AND AND if I get at least TEN entries then I will add a third place prize, who will get a 1000 word story!

Of course I cannot say that I am entirely impartial, as I do have certain preferences that I tend to like more than others BUT by no means do you HAVE to do exactly what my preferences are! I will choose whatever I think the best story OVERALL is!

-NO furries! Neko's are ok, but nothing but an animal-esc face, or full body fur! I just personally don't like it, sorry
-NO weight gain, I feel bad enough about my weight as is, please don't make it worse
-NO age regression! I don't have a problem AR exactly, it's just that, I'm only 19 so AR for me would make me underaged, which I am NEVER a fan of!
-NO celebrities pics may be used! real person pics are fine, just NOT celebrities!
-The guy being TG'ed HAS to be ME, Lance, no exceptions, the female name and appearance can be anything you like so long as you follow the above rules!
-TAG me in the description!!! use iconExplicit-Cryptid but in colons to make sure I get a notification, if I don't comment, THEN I DIDN'T SEE IT!!

My Preferences/Likes
Like I said, these are by no means essential! write whatever you'd like! but if you are having trouble and need a starting point, then look here
-Forced/Unwilling TG
-long Blonde hair
-Busty but not TOO busty (should be obvious...if the tits are so big that I can't stand up then that's WAY too much)
-Blackmailed TG
-Permanent TG
-MC or Corruption
-pale skin
-girly girl clothes (dresses, pantyhose, tights, skirts, that sort of thing)
-more mature stories, not quite porn, but definitely needing a mature content filter

The Deadline has been moved, it is now on August 31st, at 7:00 p.m. CST! IF you cannot make your post by then talk with me and I can see about extending the deadline!

Current Entries

Mature Content

 from :iconredhunterx:
Anyone want any? XD

Sorry if I seem desperate, I just feel like I do better if I have more to do, keeps me motivated I guess if I have a few stories I need to write as opposed to just one and whatever I come up with on my own.

Or, alternatively, if you don't want any (for reasons OTHER than money, cause I know that's always an issue), what could I do to improve my writing that would maybe make my Commissions seem more worth the price? Always looking to improve and I'm always open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (I'm a bit sensitive tbh, so don't just be an asshole about it or I'll probably ignore it).

If you need examples of my Commission work, here they are!

Girlfriends: A TG Story Part 1 COM 


Vampiric Queen Reborn: A TG Story COM
Sorry if this isn't your thing XD

This is what I got

100% Brat
100% Rope bunny
96% Submissive
78% Non-monogamist
76% Voyeur
73% Primal (Prey)
68% Degradee
62% Experimentalist
56% Masochist
50% Vanilla
46% Slave
46% Exhibitionist
44% Pet
39% Switch
37% Boy/Girl
1% Ageplayer

seems pretty accurate

(Note, Brat is a playfully disobedient sub that likes to be taught a lesson by their dom)
To serve as both an archive of my stuff as well as to post things too naughty for DA~

I will let you guys know if anything gets put up on there that can't be put here!!!
How would you guys feel about a little bit of a mini series?

I hit 1000 pageviews VERY quickly so I'd like to do something a little special for it, what is that exactly? Well, you guys are going to put me through the ringer!

Essentially I'm going to write a multi-part series revolving around me being powerless to the whims of YOU, yes, YOU the watchers!

I will give three options for what is about to happen to me and I will give you guys three days to vote one what you want to win, whichever one wins is what I will write a story about.

It will be a linear series, so each chapter will happen right after the last, with the previous TF's/events having still happened to me.

TG will obviously come first, that one will be a given, voting for Chapter 2 though will begin after I post Chapter 1, what could it be? Sex Doll TF? TF'ed into another character? some bondage or DiD scenario? You decide!!

Hopefully this will turn out well! :D
So a friend of mine showed me what Kisekae was just a day or two ago, so I got curious and looked into it a bit more. Seems like lots of people use it to make TG sequences.

Would you guys be interested if I made some every now and again? Obviously stories will always be my top priority but on days when I don't feel like writing or when I'm in a slump it could help.

I'll probably do a test one and decide from there, but just curious as to your first impressions of the idea.
Would you guys prefer one shot sort of stories? Where it's all contained and told in one singular story, or would you rather a much longer series following one plot line with more than one TG and TF occurring throughout it.

Just wondering.