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Groggy (Angel Zone tagalong)

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Name: Groggy


Age: ???


Gender: Male




Groggy is 13 feet, a giant of a man. He has white tan skin; it is darker on his massive shoulders as they receive a bulk of the sun’s rays. He has messy black hair that makes its way all the way down to his ears. His ears are round and look slightly awkward on his large head.  Groggy’s mouth is large in a smiley sort of way, with giant square teeth almost stacked perfectly in his mouth; he doesn't have canines, instead seems to have molars in their place, giving him a very blocky smile. His nose is also large, but it is very symmetrically matched right below his big warm yellow eyes. Going down we see that his neck is incredibly large, almost to the point where it almost seems like he doesn’t have a neck anymore, just an extension of his already muscular shoulders. Groggy is visibly incredibly muscular, not gross like some body builders, but like the Hulk, Groggy’s body is gracefully muscled and rippled. His arms are large and muscled in the right places, his figures are like tree’s, thick and strong. His hands are callused and are rough like sharpened sand paper.

Addition!!!: Groggy has large arm bands, like bracelets made of string. One is Yellow, One is Blue,another is Blue, and One is Red. The one blue and yellow are located on his right wrist, and one blue and red are located on the other wrist.



    It would be easy for anyone else to tell you their backstory… but not Groggy. Groggy doesn’t remember anything other than the moment he met Azure and his cousins and the bonding they went through. He lives happily among the 3 vibrant cousins in a lighthouse.

    His job there is in 3 easy to fallow steps. Water the garden, help around the house, and pummel any baddies who think it’s a good idea to trespass.

    Groggy enjoys a simple life among the cousins, enjoying his time in the sun, enjoying Caltha’s cooking, running around, and looking upon the sunning view from the top of the lighthouse.

    All that is known about Groggy’s past is that he was an experiment of some kind, but that is all lost in Groggy’s crushed brain.




               Groggy can be summed up with one statement… a complex simple. Groggy doesn’t need much in his life, he doesn’t feel like he needs very much, however to anyone else, they can see the oddities of Groggy.

               Groggy is a very… unintelligent individual. You see his incredibly thick skull had crushed his brain enough to put him in this simple state. Although he’s dumb, he’s not incompetent, he just doesn’t always understand. Groggy isn’t annoyingly stupid, he’s just… simple.

               Groggy is also oddly wise, occasionally he’ll come out with some very genuine wisdom to share with people.

               Groggy is a very deep entity, very sentimental, very caring, and very emotional. The world doesn’t bounce off Groggy’s thick head and skin like everything else, Groggy is like a sponge, he absorbs things as he goes along. Sadly, some of those things leak away as time goas on.

               Groggy loves everything… its simple, he loves EVERYTHING. Everything that doesn’t try to be mean or hurtful to Groggy, Groggy finds amazing, fresh, and new. Groggy is a very curious child sometimes, he is very affectionate to the world around him, very cautious about it due to his incredible strength and size. He doesn’t want to hurt the world or people in the world around him.

               Groggy doesn’t get angry… he gets serious. If things get bad, Groggy’s warm smile disappears, his eyes darken, and his fists do the talking.




Combat Style:

    Groggy’s fighting style is very simple. Like the incredible hulk, it is to smash. And smash he does. Groggy goes into the territory of the berserker. Fast moving, hard hitting, incredibly tough, and if the situation calls for it. Ruthless.



               GREAT strength. He isn’t ridiculous like the actual Hulk from the comics who can break the earth with one punch, but still, pretty strong. Stopping Groggy's advanced on the boundaries of strength is rare and hard to find. Other than that, Groggy's strength is an hard thing to measure. The greatest feat Azure ever witnessed of Groggy’s strength was when the big oaf single handedly stopped an oil tanker that threatened Azure and his cousin’s island. However, if his heart isn't in it, he won't perform nearly as well. 

               INCREDIBLE tenacity and toughness. It takes a lot to even scratch Groggy, he isn’t indestructible, but if your attack isn’t made to destroy tanks, then it is going to bounce off Groggy’s thick skin. Groggy has taken on small armies of artillery fire, moving forward, not slowing down even as grenades and artillery shells smashed into his chest.

GREAT speed. Groggy is surprisingly nimble, even for his massive size which many would think would be a disadvantage for him. However, it is quite the opposite, Groggy isn’t going to just let people hit him if can avoid it. Now can't dodge BULLETS but he can dodge some fast attacks.

Groggy also has a great amount of mobility. If able, he can charge and get to a speed close to mock 1, he however must build up that speed first, like a train.

He can also jump incredibly high and incredibly far. If something is within sight, even if it is far in the sky, he can probably jump to it. This allows him to keep pace with Azure who can fly.

Infinite endurance. Groggy’s heart is supersized and super powered. It is hard for him to get tired.

*IMPORTANT* When Groggy gets serious, his heart begins to hammer, like a massive drum. Thunderous and mighty, it beats so fast and so hard that it’s honestly unsettling to hear. The air waves and ripples around Groggy, his eyes grow dark as blood is forced through his body, his muscles ripple and bulge. He gets stronger, more ruthless, and less in control. The sound of Groggy’s heart is so intense that its hard to hear anything else other than his beating heart… it truly is terrifying.


ATTUNED senses. Groggy has amazing eyes sight, hearing, and sense of smell. If he’s focusing, he can zero in on even the smallest sounds.



INCREDIBLY dumb. Not annoying stupid, or a vegetable. Groggy is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed, something that can be used against him. If too much is happening at once, he has a hard time processing all of it at once. Sometimes if something is too complex, he has a hard time fallowing. He can be fooled very easily if he’s not careful.

Too trusting. Groggy doesn’t like fighting when he could just as easily be making friends. Tricking Groggy is literally guaranteed for success every single time.

Groggy doesn’t like fighting and will only do it when the situation asks for it.



Fun Facts:


Loves cake, however for Groggy it only lasts one bite ;-;


Is not a fan of shirts, they are always too tight!


Loves games, even ones he can’t play cuz he’s so dumb :’D


He doesn’t like confined places or anything that would restrict his movements.


Loves cute things


Favorite color is yellow

A thanks to :iconstringsartz: for the request (That I made a long time ago) of Groggy! You did a great job!!!!

(For, :iconAngelZoneOCT)

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I like to think he was once a brilliant scientist who was inspired by the incredible hulk tv show and dedicated his life to unlocking the hidden potential of the human body through a bizarre exercise regina, but it came at a price. His body gained incredible power after "awakening" but at the cost of his genius and since nobody can recognize him his research and the way to turn him back is lost to time. 
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ExplosivePlasticsHobbyist Traditional Artist

is this a shitpost?
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
No, why would you think so?
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ExplosivePlasticsHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I understand its not the most ceremonious drawing, but it was the only drawing I could get. The artist did a good job, if only making him 'too' muscular.
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he's adorable! 
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I'm happy you like him! ^ ^
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