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Azure- The vibrant warrior

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Name: Azure


Species: Human


Gender: Male


Age: 25


Height: 6.1


Weight: 159.5





    Most of Azure’s history is shrouded in mystery and blackness, however what can be said is his main purpose in this moment in time. Azure comes from the world of Tritera, which is a world of spirits, men, magic, science, and war. Azure lives with his 2 cousins Caltha and Acteon and his sister Teal. He watches over their home and looks after their wellbeing, he’s in many senses of the word, their caretaker. However, he is also the friend of Groggy, a friendly giant who lives with the 3. He loves them all, but stays strong for them. Even if Acteon is stronger than he is. Azure is more… mentally sound.

    They all live in a massive lighthouse on the outside of Victon, a large port city.



               Azure is a very calm and collected individual… Or at least he tries to be. He wants to be an adult figure in the lives of his cousins, an established dominant force that cares for them. He also does his best to turn off his emotions the best he can. For example, things that are hilarious... he isn't one to hold in a smile.

    That however doesn’t mean much for a young man like Azure. As much as he wants to be, trying to snuff out his own emotions is a fruitless game. It’s often that he accidently lets himself get caught up in the shenanigans of others. In his own way, he very much wants to go along with what seems like the most fun, however, he refuses himself the simple pleasure.

    Azure will often have explosive moment of emotions. For example, bursting into laughter, tears, anger, ect. Bottling everything up often leads to these, however the moment they hit, he bottles them up again.

    Azure does enjoy the simple things, like listening and absorbing things about the world around him. He’s an incredible listener, soaking up information thrown at him with great ease.

    Azure doesn’t really get ‘mad’… just… agitated. It takes a lot to get Azure agitated, but when it happens, the results are often very… explosive. There are few things that will throw Azure off that cliff however, such as annoying people, threatening or hurting those he likes, loves, or considers friends, and not giving those who deserve it kindness.

    Azure is a good guy, although he has every reason not to be. It Azure was anyone else… things could get bad… very quickly.

    Azure is often selfless, sometimes too much for his own good when it comes to the things he believes in. However, to counter that, if he believes a goal is worth it, he’ll make the hard choices and push through.

    Which is where we get to the darkness of Azure. He’ll do anything if he thinks it will lead to a betterment in the lives of those he truly cares about. Namely his cousins. He’s willing to go to incredible extremes, willing to do things no one else is willing to do… willing to make certain… sacrifices.

    At the end of the day Azure is just a man who wants what is best for those he loves… that’s not too much to ask for… right?

    While Azure isn't cruel or mean spirited, you could say he's not the most honorable when it comes to what he wants. He's a kind individual overall, but when he deems something necessary, he'll do all he can to accomplish it. Even if that means breaking promises, or even rules if he can get away with it. Taking life is another matter entirely, Azure hates death, but he isn't above killing if he feels his life or the lives he cares about are in danger. 






Combat Style:

               Azure’s fighting style is simple… Stay at a distance and blast away the problem. Azure has a powerful energy the resonates from his soul.

    He can pick up massive amounts of matter with his mind, fling his targets around like ragdolls, release blasts of energy that carve through the earth, manipulate energy into objects and fling them at his enemies, fly, and even create energy shields.

    If Azure is conscious, he’s very much a great threat if you’re his enemy.

    His ultimate attack however is culmination of all his energy into a weapon promptly named ‘Splinter’. An incredibly powerful sword that is quite literally his soul weaponized. This is also Azure’s trump card, using this sword puts him in a position of vulnerability. This weapon is guaranteed to do some gnarly stuff, but Azure will not be able to use any of his powers for about 30 minutes afterwards.



Very calm if the situation requires it, stable minded and intelligent with his actions.

Has an explosive amount of power at his disposal.

His powers and intelligence grant him quite a bit of utility on the battle field.

It’s hard to distract him when he’s set his mind to something. Unless that distracting thing happens to be really REALLY funny.



Laughter- Azure does his best to stay serious, but sometimes he just can't handle it. Azure has a very large funny bone, he likes to laugh, but also hates to laugh. If something is universally funny enough Azure will slowly crack. He won't be on his back howling with laughter, but it will destroy his concentration.

Confined spaces often lead to him being unable to utilize the full extent of his abilities.

He’s not the hardiest individual, he’s not a glass cannon, but he doesn’t like getting hit either.

His friends, second only to his loved ones.

Hates it when his hair is messed up and will take time even in the middle of battle (When he feels he's safe, he's not a fool) to fix it. But having it messed up bothers him... a lot.

His slightly aggressive nature can sometimes get him into trouble, even when he's against opponents he's weaker then. He's not a fool, but once he has set his mind to something. Nothing will stand in his way. 

If the bandages around his hands ever got undone, he would also take time to fix it. He doesn't want people to see what is underneath. 



Look up yo!


Fun Facts:


Has a love of listening to people, can listen and talk for hours if allowed too.


Isn’t much of a fan of reading, would rather be walking, doing stuff, and listening to people.


Finds the misfortune of others kinda funny, unless its serious.


Is allergic to pears.


Takes great pride in his hair, keeps a comb handy… just in case.


Never takes his sunglasses off and the bandages around his hands. 


A massive thanks to :iconniwinoodle: for the art on the left! And a massive thanks to :iconhomiesushi: for the art on the right!

This is my first character for the OCT :iconangelzoneoct: run by the wonderful :iconandyetnobananas:

Its going to be fun!

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Oh cool, he looks like a greaser!
(Lolol, he's allergic to pears? If our characters fight, it would be funny if Bea pulls one out her pouch >w> )
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
XD I won't lie, there was a tad bit of 'outsiders' in mind with his creation.

(It mostly only happens if he ingests pears! However, it is a thing, mostly because I myself am allergic to pears! It would be 'really' bad for Azure if someone found out about that perticular fact XD)

Its a pleasure to meet you btw : D
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Oh cool!
(Lol nice >w> When all else fails, chuck some pears!)
Nice meeting you too! I see you added me to your watch! ^^ Thank you
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
Of course of course! Your arts cool so why not : D