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You little tick, you parasite

By Exphrasis
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Some Zbrush fun again :)
Title inspired by tool ' ticks and leeches '.

Please give me some feedback on this ! I'm trying to get back into 3d a bit...
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The artwork is pretty good but it doesn't fit for a parasite and a tick, first the legs should have been hooks, not like this, if its a tick it will need to be able to climb and hook, second his mouth is pretty bad for a parasite, like on the pic his mouth is made for chewing and the tick's mouth is not really a mouth, its more like a harpoon which they will use to bite and suck up the blood, then his body is pretty big and round and for a tick his body should be like a list of paper not round but after all the picture is great and it will make a good supplement for evolve stage 2 :D!
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Awesome Pic. I Too Like That Song By My All Time Favorite Rock Bank.
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OH GOD SMASH IT! Love the teeth and the little hairs.

It's great... quite creepy... but yeah, I've been playing Gears of War 3 lately and I really want to see this thing get stomped.
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AngelicAdonisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Groovy! Great design! :D
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WallArtRockersProfessional Digital Artist
Fantastic detail, great job. Über...
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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot !
Funny, I've been thinking about getting one of your prints recently :)
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WallArtRockersProfessional Digital Artist
Cool, do you have a favourite in mind? We're hoping to get some more artwork uploaded as soon as we finish the new version of the website.
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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
I'd have to say 'Downtown' from Andree Wallin.
It's a must have! hehe.
Good luck with the new website !
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PurgatoryDeanHobbyist Photographer
Assuming control.
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Whoa ho! That's friggin cool as!. Bit creepy but most excellent "build quality" and look and all :D Will this little fella be gracing a scene in another picture of yours?
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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
heh thanks :D
No sadly, I don't have the free time at the moment to create a full 3D scene :( but I'd love to though.
Some day maybe.
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Welcome mate.

I didn't say it had to be right away :P Just sometime :D
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NaygonElvanleiiHobbyist General Artist
Holy shit this is awesome :D
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Crazy. Awesome texture. Makes me think I know how it feels. Rough leathery skin and hard flesh.
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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
heh that's exactly it, like a sharp skin :p
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If this is you 'playing around on Zbrush' I'd love to see what your work looks like when your trying
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DevonitionProfessional Digital Artist
that is swweeeet. kinda reminds me of those tickers from gears of war
It looks amazing. :D
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How good is Zbrush? I have it, but I haven't been using it lately.

Can you SCULPT with it D:"? I mean, I know you can PAINT with it -textures and stuff- but can you CREATE with it O.o?

As for this, it looks pretty bad ass X.X! Better than anything I could do so far XD".

The teeth look a little weird though, specifically on the bottom jaw ; it looks like they're just painted on and not really standing out D:. That camera thing by its head looks a little out of place too. I mean, it just looks like it was glued there, rather than a PART of it O.o. Maybe work on that a bit?

Over all, amazing job n_n!

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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
it's just plain PERFECT.

YES, that's the goal. It's as close to sclupting AND editing precisely as photoshop is to editing and drawing/painting.

yes you can create, that's the main goal. I made this all in zbrush, starting from a simple sphere (basic zbrush starting mesh).

lol some are actually.

Tool is amazing :)
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Well, thanks for the heads up x]

I look forward to figuring it out -once I finish a small project in Blender x3-

Good luck with your 3D exploits :]!
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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
Lol no offence, but now that I look back at it , blender is getting pretty useless lol.
Have you tried 3Dsmax ? :)

Hey you know what you can do in blender like the subdividing + sculpting ? zbrush is the same,but a lot more powerful.

Hehe thx!
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Yeah, I know Blender's kind of like MS Paint -following the photo-editing and image software comparison x3-

But it's a good place to start and grasp the basic concepts X.X".

I've never touched 3DSM D:" my other friend is REALLY trying to get me into Maya, which looks good and all, but Zbrush seems more. . . 'color' oriented XD", and I'm more of a painter so, I'll probably lean towards it more.

And no problem x]
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