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Warm December

By Exphrasis
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I need to finish Halo 4, but everyday I want to play I feel guilty for not painting :D
So instead I did something very Halo inspired :)
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madmadman01 General Artist
woa. love it.
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you painted that? by hand?? that must have taken ages! how can you have the patience??
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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
haha no it actually took around 6 hours if I remember well ? it's just a matter of knowing what to detail and what to leave " sketchy " :)
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:omg: that is amazing!
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sweet job
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ChangYuanJouProfessional Digital Artist
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PatriartisProfessional Digital Artist
This is really pleasant to look at, and I think the title is very fitting. It really looks like a somewhat warm December day =P Awesome job!
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I like the feel of scale, how gargantuan it is.
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NaygonElvanleiiHobbyist General Artist
This is REALLY Halo inspired indeed. Stunning work man! I could never do this!
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So cool man!
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BringMeASunkistProfessional Digital Artist
Saw this and thought, "Halo". You freaking nailed the atmosphere too. Very nice
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Jessica-PrandoProfessional Digital Artist
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this is amazing, deff halo like
my sis got halo 4 for us.. we finished in one night in like 5 hours.. it seems shorter than the last to me
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TheCobaltOceanHobbyist General Artist
Very Awesome :D Insta-fave! :D
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OdiliciousHobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent composition!
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It looks like a giant cooling fan.
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ExphrasisProfessional Digital Artist
You're a giant cooling fan.
Sushimitzu's avatar
I know, because I'm too hot.

Pa dum tss.
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Ahmed7193 Filmographer
I'm thinking of a 3D project similar to Halo so this really motivate/inspires me to start on the project thanks for sharing :)
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wow looks amazing!!
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GUILTY-SPARK343Hobbyist General Artist
very awesome
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