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Tutorial- Dust in Neo-Trocadero

By Exphrasis
(Press 'download' to see it full size ! )

Hey guys !

It's been a while since my latest tutorial! Since a lot of people asked me to do a tutorial about this specific artwork, I tried to take some time to do it. In this tutorial, you will find some techniques I use in complex images that have to include photo-realistic elements ( matte paintings). Those include relighting, color grading, as well as how I use a 3D base in my paintings.

If there is anything you would like to know and that wasn't answered in this tutorial, feel free to write me a comment under the image, or send me an email at
I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as possible, and as well update this tutorial if required.

I hope you will learn a lot from this !

Have a nice day, and good luck with your art.

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Extremly Superrr
Spellsword95's avatar
That's really great. Professional and interesting tutorial. Thank you for sharing. And final image is awesome.

'le potatoe' rocks :D
Exphrasis's avatar
Thanks a lot !

Haha that's the proof you read it all xD xD
AnticiaJK's avatar
Oh it's great!
Thank you very much for your time to share your experience and giving tips - it did help and also reminded me of some important things. ^^
Exphrasis's avatar
thanks !

Hey that's nothing really, that's the least I can do actually....
putridCheese's avatar
awesome tutorial. I will need this knowledge eventually.
Exphrasis's avatar
Thanks !
Glad it can help.
Ophiguris's avatar
This was awesome - I like the way you do your tutorials, because it doesn't seem like you're just flaunting off and bragging :].

I didn't realize you used so many tools and references though O-o you're so skilled with using so many different techniques to create one, visually astound, realistic piece - and that's just awesome!

Kudos :3 I'll have to start studying life more //salute.
Exphrasis's avatar
hehe I try my best :)

Well yeah, people don't realise that it's ok to use references and as many tools as you need. People don't care if you use this or that tool, they only care about the result. Of course, if you take a picture and just paint a black spot on it and claim it's fully painted, that's not good, but hey who does that anyways.

Studying helps, like a huuuge lot !!!
Ophiguris's avatar
I'll keep that in mind x].

I'm lucky to have a friend in art school so I can be reminded of what needs work 24/7 X_X! But this was a huge help too - it's really cool to have such a laid back tutorial. I like it :]
Exphrasis's avatar

Hehe yeah friends are good for that !

Glad you like it ^^
I like your avatar btw.
Ophiguris's avatar
Thanks :B was just a small flash project aahaha
sweetd3lirium's avatar
T'as fait les building au complet toi-même ou tu as utilisé quelque chose pour les générer ? Looks badass.
Exphrasis's avatar
Merci :)
C'est marqué dans le tuto, j'ai utilisé le plugin ' Greeble ', qui en gros rajoute des sortes de carrés, un peut comme sur l'étoile noire.
sweetd3lirium's avatar
Oh désolée je lis un peu trop vite en diagonale parfois >.<
Exphrasis's avatar
hehe pas de problème ! :D
SpaceMoule's avatar
J'ai absolument rien pigé avec le coup des Zdepths ._.


Prochain sujet pur un prochain workshop ? :,D
En tout cas, le reste est très instructif, bravo :)
Exphrasis's avatar
En gros c'est une map que tu fais en rendus.
J'te montre ca demain si tu veux.
Merci :)
SpaceMoule's avatar
Ouais, si on trouve le temps demain, c'est nos rendus bêtas, ça risque d'être un peu tendu x)
Darkcloud013's avatar
Thanks for sharing man :)
Exphrasis's avatar
thanks for reading it ! :)
Exphrasis's avatar
Chacun sa spécialité :D j'suis pas aussi bon en photo ;)
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