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The meet

Trying to work a bit on my colors :).
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amazing colour palette!
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The colors really caught my eye and were what brought me here. Really nice execution.
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Yay ! cool then.

It's cool to see like when you set yourself a goal and others show you that you have succeeded ( I was trying to get a more original color palette than usual with this one).

Thanks mate :)
D-Card's avatar
The colors work together beautifully! ~:heart:
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Whooo, this is nifty. I like the hint of the city in the distance. <3
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:) I love hinting things with almost no details, just silhouettes really, so that viewers imagine the rest.
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That's a pretty neat thing to do. :P
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Very different feeling from your usual – I love it. The colors aren't too far from your usual color schemes, but it makes a world of difference. ^^
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hehe I'm trying different stuff ! you can tell :p.
Leaglem's avatar
Well, the colors turned out amazing, I'm in love with this drawings!!
Exphrasis's avatar
well thank you :D
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I saw this and thought "nice colours" without reading the description. You did well. Very nice atmosphere.
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yay! Win.

Thanks mate !
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My new favorite of your works. Nothing to pick on, no small annoyances, nothing.
Great work man :D
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yay /o/

thank you very much :D
LightCarrier's avatar
Superbes couleurs! Ça fait différent, j'aime bien. :)
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thanks brah' :p .

Quoi de neuf toi ?
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Pas grand-chose. :) Je bosse la semaine et relaxe les weekends. Et ces temps-ci, je délaisse un peu la photo, au profit du dessin. et du flânage.
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haha x)
T'as bien raison ! faut se reposer de temps en temps :)
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Lovely use of browny-orange-yellow with a hint of green and blue :XD: Very eye appealing!
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Steam, now.

(thanks. )
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