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The adventures of Marvin and GeorgeSTEPS

step by step for…

Included a bonus ' night' version :) 
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super boulot ^^
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Thanks for showing your process for this piece.  ° U °~
The night version is pretty rad too!
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i like the night version more, it gives you this chill, feels great. Like a sweet little story. Well done, thx.
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"CHAOS" haha yes that is how the paintings always begin. :]

Love the night version! Very calm and cool!
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How do you create the first 2 chaos sections?
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So freakin amazing <3
MoonlitCrescent's avatar
Full on awesome, mate!
ortizfreelance's avatar
Thanks for sharing 
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Holeyyyy Moeleeey! Such mood much wow!! left shark 
Sushimitzu's avatar
Really digging the night version as well. Really calming.
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Oh man, this is fantastic. I love the lighting and the composition and just... everything!

But what is step #1? Is it photo mashing, or is it brushes (or both)? :o
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Everything about this piece is amazing! thanks for sharing! Nod 
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Nailed the mood lighting! love these, and the cute little guys too :) 
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So beauty ♥
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I wanna play a game in that enviro concept. Cool Frenchy cool. : )
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Final Fantasy 12 has an area just like this. One of my favorite areas to hunt monsters in. Very easy to get lost.
nuriaydogdu's avatar
Thanks Kalez, added to-do list. V_V
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Just a notice: The story and some of the characters are meh (I don't even remember what it was about), but the gameplay and sidequests make it one of my favorites. FF12 has the thickest strategy guide of any FF, mostly due to the mass amount of sidequests and hunts.
nuriaydogdu's avatar
Kalez, thanks again for your advice and good thoughts. :) 

Cheers! V_V
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