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The Piano Lesson

By Exphrasis
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Magnificient! :D
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it's kinda creepy but fantastic
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wow!i like how the whole room is a disaster and they r playing a piano Cry forever 
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Horrifying picture some how, with such beauty and mystery. Great work, it´s stunning! 
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creepy, mysterious, opressing, beautiful and soothing at the same time koodos buddy
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Wonderful! Very creative! :)
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A great picture!

I wonder what the price for this lesson was...
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Wow!!! Is beautiful <3
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I really really like this piece. Worth mentioning I'm a pianist so have an attachment to the subject matter anyway. Particularly like the 'naturalistic' look you've gone for with the spirit - the use of branches as antlers - simple but inspired. I also like the fact you've left it open to interpretation who is teaching who. It gives the piece an extra dimension. You know something is good when your head starts spinning stories about it before you consciously realise what you're doing :)
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This is gorgeous :0
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I love this piece, it's awesome. It's kinda weird to see this three days after I drew a doodle that was kinda similar to the horned guy there.

Great work.
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That's a really big piano.
For me this reminds of Rachel and Al from The Hollows series
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Really creates a unique and distinct feeling, reminds me of year walk.
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creepy cool, happy halloween
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Beautifully done.......
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that is brilliant! :love::wow:
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Excellent job with the lighting, beautiful atmosphere and very interesting subject! I only noticed the antler man on second glance, which made him so much more impressive. Well done!
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