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Demo I did at New 3dge art school
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Amazing shape choices for the composition! What was your points of inspiration when designing this?

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Este escenario me encanto, tiene muchos detalles y los efectos de luz todo se ve muy real :D Clap 
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So amazing! :D
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very unique scene
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Genial trabajo bro!!!
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Love the dappled lighting in this... strong work!
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J.R.R. Tolkein's Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood 
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I want this one as a print!
Those colours and the light Clap 
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It's wonderful! 
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awesome, allready came across your work on the Cab (concept art blog) really nice to find you here by typing Feng zhu. Love it!
tried to match your sort of colourscheme into this one…
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Thanks a lot ! :) 
Glad you were inspired by it ^^ 
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Yeah, you're one of fav's now, keep it up :)
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Lovely environment. Great, interesting composition.
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Thanks a lot :) 
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I love  green
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You are an amazing and inspiring artist. I really love your wood pictures. This one here is my favourite, so alive ans mystic. Love this colours and details, the whole picture tells a story. >//< :heart:
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How did you paint this one? :) amazing..
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love colours and brush strokes
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